9am-10am Sunday

Welcome to The House of Wellness, our weekly one-hour program designed to help Australia “Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well and Look Fabulous”.

ED PHILLIPS: The House of Wellness Summer Series is hosted by Ed Phillips, a favourite with audiences across radio and television for many years now. Ed is a highly experienced presenter with over 25 years in TV and Radio and brings his unique style to Macquarie Media as a professional broadcaster who these days balances work life with family, and many other passions including cycling, swimming and triathlons, which are perfect alignments to The House of Wellness philosophy.

GERALD QUIGLEY: Gerald is a practising Community Pharmacist, as well as an Accredited Herbalist. These joint qualifications give Gerald a unique overview of health from both a traditional and holistic perspective. Each week on The House of Wellness Gerald takes calls on relevant subjects being discussed in the show, and provides comment and observations across his areas of expertise.

KELLY LANDRY: Kelly is a Chemist Warehouse Brand Ambassador. A well known TV Host made famous through appearances on Getaway, Kelly now a Mum is passionate about well being.