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IDEAS FACTORY: Three victims of crime join Neil Mitchell in studio

Three victims of crime have come forward to share their ideas on how we can bring an end to Melbourne’s crime wave.

IDEAS FACTORY: Neil Mitchell finds out how to work less and earn more

‘How to work less and earn more.’ It almost sounds too good to be true. But apparently it’s anything but. ‘I think it’s possible, absolutely,’ business coach Joel Gerschman told Neil Mitchell. Click PLAY below to find out how

IDEAS FACTORY: Bert Newton on what can be done to help free-to-air television

Australian television icon Bert Newton says he fears for the future of free-to-air TV. But he said networks only had themselves to blame. The four-time Gold Logie winner said television had become too plain and predictable. He said the ABC’s decision to stand down newsreader Natasha Exelby after she slipped up during a cross was a perfect example. ‘That’s exactly the […]

IDEAS FACTORY: Keeping workplaces happy

Victorians are among the most unhappy when it comes to work, a new study has found. In Neil Mitchell’s Ideas Factory tackled what factors impact work and life balance. A joint study between Curtin University and a group called Making Work Absolutely Human (MWAH) found only 28 per cent of Victorians are ‘very happy’ with […]

IDEAS FACTORY: Improving Melbourne with international planning expert Brent Toderian

The cost of ‘designing out’ physical activity in our lives and an increasingly car-dependent Melbourne comes at a huge cost, an international planning expert says. Former chief planner in Vancouver, Brent Toderian, has shared some insights with Neil Mitchell during his visit to the city. He also has some ideas for retro-fitting Melbourne’s suburbs to […]

Footpath lights installed in Melbourne to warn pedestrians glued to their phones

In a sign that we are all too engrossed in our mobile phones, lights are set to be installed on Melbourne footpaths, warning people they’re approaching a red light. The lights are there to remind pedestrians to look up to avoid being hit by a car. See them in action below… and yes, they are […]

IDEAS FACTORY: Making life easier for renters, without punishing owners

Ideas Factory: How can we make life easier for renters, without punishing owners? Property prices are at record levels, which has pushed more people into the rental market. Landlords complain that they can’t move tenants out; tenants complain that they live in substandard accommodation, and can’t get it fixed. CEO of the Tenants Union of Victoria, Mark O’Brien, told […]

IDEAS FACTORY: Millennials, the effects of growing up with technology, social media and instant gratification

Ideas Factory:? Are Millennials (Gen Y) the lost generation? Typically born between 1984 and 2004, they’re the generation that’s grown up with technology, and it’s having an impact on them according to author, Simon Sinek. Speaking to Neil Mitchell, Sinek said Millennials are the generation of instant gratification, and their addiction to technology can lead to low self-esteem. ‘They may struggle to form deep […]

Ideas Factory: How to improve Melbourne’s beaches

IDEAS FACTORY ?Neil Mitchell wants to know how we can improve Melbourne’s beaches. Beachgoers have had a tough time this summer, being intermittently unable to attend various beaches due to environmental concerns. But there are other factors keeping people away from the shoreline: litter, limited parking spaces, and under-developed infrastructure are all possible reasons.  Ross […]

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