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New release movies, November 20

Dark Horse NEW RELEASE: Jim Schembri reviews Tess, The Dark Horse and Maps to the Stars.

New release movie reviews, Nov 14

Let's Be Cops REVIEWS: This week Jim Schembri takes a look at Let's Be Cops; The Drop; and My Old Lady.

Jim's movie cheat sheat, Nov 13

Lee Majors MOVIE NEWS: Action lad Mark Wahlberg is set to star as semi-cyborg astronaut Steve Austin in director Peter Berg's big movie update of the beloved 1970s sci-fi series The Six Million Dollar Man.

'Finding Vivian Maier' interview

Charlie Siskel INTERVIEW: In the fascinating documentary Finding Vivian Maier director Charlie Siskel and co-director John Maloof explore the enigma of one of the 20th century's most acclaimed photographers.

Interstellar review

Interstellar. REVIEW: In Christopher Nolan's unusual, original, contemplative, stirring, often beautiful Interstellar we get something we haven't seen since Stanley Kubrick's ­2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): namely, a science-fiction film for grown-ups.

Rise to the Challenge

Mack Lindon & Martin Sacks. INTERVIEW: Jim Schembri interviews Mack Lindon & Martin Sacks for 'Rise to the Challenge'.

Interview with SJ Watson

Nicole Kidman. INTEVIEW: Jim catches up with SJ Watson, author of 'Before I Go To Sleep'.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, Oct 31

Batman. MOVIE NEWS: Jim keeps you up to date with all the movie news, including the latest with Christian Bale, new movies and more.

New release film reviews, October 31

Kill the Messenger. REVIEWS: Jim reviews Kill the Messenger, For Not Good Reason and Pride.

Interview: Director Ruben Ostlund

Ruben Ostlund INTERVIEW: Wherever Force Majeure has played it has gotten people talking - and with good reason.

New release movie reviews, Oct 24

Whiplash REVIEWS: This week Jim Schembri casts his eye over Whiplash, Fury, Hector and the Search for Happiness and This is Where I Leave You.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, Oct 24

Annabelle MOVIE NEWS: Screenings of the hit horror film Annabelle (about a possessed doll) in France have been greeted by riots in cinemas.

Why good Aussie films fail

Son of a Gun COMMENT: The local failure of Son of a Gun is as distressing as it is predictable. It's merely the latest in a long line of good Australian film in 2014 to flail, then fail at the cinemas.

New release movies, October 16

Walking among the Tombstones. REVIEW: Jim Schmebri reviews this week's new releases.

Jim's Cheat Sheet, October 16

Neil Patrick Harris. MOVIE NEWS: Jim Schembri with all the latest in the movie industry.

Son of a gun - Julius Avery

Julius Avery. INTERVIEW: Jim Schembri catches up with 'Son of a Gun' director, Julius Avery.

Top ten movie wives

Here's a highly subjective selection of ten of the most memorable movie wives. Enjoy. JIM SCHEMBRI: Here's a highly subjective selection of ten of the most memorable movie wives. Enjoy.

New release movies, Oct 10

New release movies with Jim Schembri. REVIEWS: Jim Schembri reviews The Judge, Siddarth, Tusk and The Case Against 8.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, Oct 10

The great Michael Caine has signalled that he'll be happy to put his feet up for good. MOVIE NEWS: The great Michael Caine has signalled he'll be happy to put his feet up for good.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, Oct 3

Angry Birds MOVIE NEWS: Angry Birds is to be made into a big, big animated feature, starring the voice talents of Maya Rudolph, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Bill Hader and Danny McBride.

New release movie reviews, Oct 3

Annabelle REVIEWS: This week Jim Schembri looks at Annabelle, Gone Girl, Dracula Untold and Advanced Style.

Hugh Sullivan interview

Infinite Man. INFINITE MAN: For his first feature film, The Infinite Man, Adelaide filmmaker Hugh Sullivan decided to take a novel approach to the over-used movie gimmick of time travel.

New release movie reviews, Sept 26

equalizer REVIEWS: This week Jim Schembri takes a look at The Equaliser, The Little Death, In Bloom, The Skeleton Twins, Life of Crime.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, Sept 26

Hulk MOVIE NEWS: While nobody is going to begrudge the success Disney has enjoyed with its comic-book superhero Marvel franchise, one has to wonder if pop culture has gone too far when it starts inspiring university courses.

Talking sexy with Josh Lawson

Josh Lawson JIM SCHEMBRI: For his first film as a director, actor Josh Lawson strictly followed the advice of director Peter Weir, who said that first films should always be "very" something.

New release movie reviews, Sept 19

Maze Runner FILMS: This week Jim Schembri reviews The Maze Runner; The Boxtrolls; Wish I Was Here; and more.

Jim's cheat sheet - September 19

c3PO CHEAT SHEET: C3PO says 'no' to CGI, 'Kong to go prequel, 'Summer remake follows tradition, and Bourne Again...again.

Animating originality: The Boxtrolls

Boxtrolls JIM SCHEMBRI: The Boxtrolls is the third stop-motion animated film to come from Laika, a non-Hollywood, independent studio based in Portland, Oregon.

Sir Ben talks Attenborough and trolls

Sexy Beast INTERVIEW: At 70, Sir Ben Kingsley is one of cinema's most accomplished and revered actors. Here he speaks to Jim Schembri ahead of the release of The Boxtrolls.

Interview: Domesticating vampires

TaikaWaititiHeadshot JIM SCHEMBRI: The comedy mockumentary What We Do In the Shadows shows the everyday lives of four vampires who share a house in downtown Wellington, New Zealand.

Jim's cheat sheet: No more Iron Man?

Jim's movie cheat sheet - September 12 CHEAT SHEET: The end of Iron Man, crowds love bad weather and Denzel saddles up for Seven remake.

New release movie reviews, Sept 11

New release movies FILMS:: This week Jim Schembri reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; The Giver; Night Moves; Step Up: All In; and The Immigrant.

Interview: Remaking the Turtles

Turtles JIM SCHEMBRI: To some cineastes, American Hollywood producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form represent the lowest form of mainstream movie culture.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - Sept 5

The fifth film in the Pirates of the Carribean franchise is set to be shot in Queensland. JIM SCHEMBRI: The fifth film in the ridiculously successful Pirates of the Carribean franchise, slugged Dead Men Tell No Tales, is set to be shot in Queensland.

New release film reviews - Sept 4

In Richard Linklater's leisurely longform experimental film we watch the travails of growing up through the eyes of Mason (Ellar Coltrane), who actually ages throughout the film from six to 18. JIM SCHEMBRI: New release films this week are: Boyhood; What we do in the shadows; Into the storm; The grandmaster; and The reckoning.

Arquette: 'This movie was a gift'

In the remarkable new film Boyhood, director Richard Linklater got his cast to commit to a shooting schedule that stretched over 12 years. JIM SCHEMBRI: In the remarkable new film Boyhood, director Richard Linklater got his cast to commit to a shooting schedule that stretched over 12 years.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - August 29

f JIM SCHEMBRI: Here's news that suggests Catholicism is now transforming into an action franchise.

New release film reviews - August 28

FelonyLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: An outstanding, tautly directed, superbly acted that again proves, as did Animal Kingdom, that Australian filmmakers have a distinctive knack for quality crime dramas.

'Felony': Joel Edgerton interview

Joel Edgerton and Matthew Saville WATCH: What happens when a very bad thing happens to a very good cop - and it's his fault?

Jim's cheat sheet - Aug 22

Jet Li CHEAT SHEET: Expendables 3 struggles at the box office, Helen Mirren romantic charmer The Hundred-Foot Journey impresses and Chinese films test on-screen text-a-longs.

New release film reviews - 21 August

Jim's Movie Reviews JIM SCHEMBRI: Latest movie reviews including The Inbetweeners 2, The Hundred-Foot Journey and more...

VIDEO: The Inbetweeners

inbetweeners WATCH: Though the British TV high-school sitcom The Inbetweeners only aired for three seasons between 2008 and 2010 its portrait of life as seen by four bottom-feeding friends quickly became hugely popular.

MIFF highlights - Aug 15

Alas, the Melbourne International Film Festival is in its final weekend, yet there are still plenty of choice offerings to be enjoyed. Here's a selection of the best. MIFF: Alas, the Melbourne International Film Festival is in its final weekend, yet there are still plenty of choice offerings to be enjoyed. Here's a selection of the best.

Jim's cheat sheet - Aug 15

Screen great Lauren Bacall dies CHEAT SHEET: Screen great Lauren Bacall dies, David Brent to continue fame quest, plus Quixote and vampires. This cheat sheet has it all.

'God looked after the whole thing'

TasPappasHeadshot JIM SCHEMBRI: Eddie Martin's remarkable documentary All This Mayhem charts the rapid rise and tragic fall of two champion skateboarders, Ben and Tas Pappas.

New release film reviews - August 14

PostmanPat JIM SCHEMBRI: Knowing precisely who his audience is and how best to please them, Sylvester Stallone and his gang of gung-ho geriatrics are back with even more firepower and even more story than they had the last time around.

'He was in high spirits' - Jim Schembri's interview with Robin Williams

In 2011 Jim Schembri interviewed Robin Williams, then aged 60, newly married and was rejuvenated after heart surgery. RIP:The suicide of Robin Williams has left the world reeling. In 2011 Jim Schembri interviewed Robin Williams, then aged 60, newly married and was rejuvenated after heart surgery.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, Aug 8

Gravity MOVIE NEWS: Riding high from the global success of Gravity, Sandra Bullock has landed gently atop the annual Forbes list of the world's richest female actors.

New release film reviews - 7 August

Rocket the raccoon, star of the show! JIM SCHEMBRI: Our resident movie guru reviews the latest flicks: Guardians of the galaxy, These final hours, And so it goes.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, Aug 1

Sylvester Stallone MOVIE NEWS: Weeks before its global release, some insider shyster has purloined a pristine copy of Sylvester Stallone's star-studded Expendables 3 and uploaded it for all to see.

Your guide to Melbourne Film Festival

infiniteman FILM: The Melbourne International Film Festival is under way. Here's a quick pick of some quality offerings.

Interview: Outrage vs Facts

MichaelDahlstrom VIDEO: In what is likely to be one of the hot-button films at this year's Melbourne International Film Festival, the remarkable Australian documentary The Animal Condition dares to inject reason and balance into the heated, polarising issue of animal welfare on farms.

New release movie reviews, July 31

Lucy film FILMS: This week Jim Schembri takes a look at A Most Wanted Man, Lucy, The Selfish Giant, The Keeper of Lost Causes and Some Velvet Morning.

'Once My Mother' - Sophia Turkiewicz

SophiaHeadshot WATCH: When filmmaker Sophia Turkiewicz was seven her Polish mother put her in an Adelaide orphanage for two years. This lead to a deeply held resentment that lasted a long time, though - luckily - not a life time.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, July 25

The Shining MOVIE NEWS: Director Mark Romanek is lacing up to preside over Overlook Hotel, a prequel to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror flick The Shining.

Miranda Otto: Reaching for the part

Miranda Otto INTERVIEW: In Reaching for the Moon Miranda Otto plays Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet Elizabeth Bishop, who in the 1950s moved to Rio de Janiero to live with Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares.

Jim's movie cheat sheet, July 22

Beatles MOVIE NEWS: Ron Howard is preparing to make a Beatles documentary charting their touring life from the Cavern to their final gig in San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1966.

Schepisi talks 'Words and Pictures'

SchepisiHeadshot WATCH: In his latest film Words and Pictures, veteran Australian director Fred Schepisi proves how, at 74, his storytelling powers, passion for romance and love of character are as strong as ever.

New release movies, July 17

Charlie's Country REVIEWS: Today, Jim Schembri takes a look at Charlie's Country, Words and Pictures, Sex Tape, Venus in Fur and All This Mayhem.

'I think jail saved his life'

DIRECTOR ROLF DE HEER INTERVIEW: The reason why prolific local filmmaker Rolf de Heer made Charlie's Country is simple: he needed to help his friend, the iconic indigenous actor David Gulpilil.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - July 10

Baywatch1LEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: With everything else going on in this crazy world right now we can all, at least, look forward to the big-screen version of the mega-hit 1990s TV series Baywatch.

New release movie reviews - July 10

Volcano1LEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: Very fast, funny and fresh French comedy about a happily divorced couple who are forced to take a road trip to Greece when the connecting flight to their daughter's wedding is cancelled due to the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in 2010.

New 'Apes' movie a knock-out

Planet of the Apes REVIEW: The latest installment in the new-fashioned Planet of the Apes franchise is an absolute, hands-down knock-out.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - July 4

RamboLEA JIM SCHEMBRI: Veteran director Roman Polanski is hot to start production on his new film in his homeland of Poland.

New release movie reviews - July 2

Belle-SebastianLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: The one question you keep asking yourself as you endure the flat, dry, soulless adaptation of the hit stage musical Jersey Boys is: "where the heck is Clint Eastwood?"

Calvary: John Michael McDonagh

John-Michael-McDonagh JIM SCHEMBRI: In John Michael McDonagh's dark comedy Calvary, a childhood victim of a pedophile priest calmly tells an innocent priest that, as an act of belated revenge, he will murder him in one week.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - June 26

22JumpStreetLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: Nobody could argue that he didn't have a great innings. Still it was immensly sad to hear of the passing of the great character actor Eli Wallach at the epic age of 98.

New release film reviews - June 26

YvesSaintLaurentLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: The sheer scale of Transformers 4 - or Transformers 5, if you count Noah - reminds us that there is never anything wrong or bad or dumb or just plain stupid about a Michael Bay film

Shooting the playboy producer

otto VIDEO: Jim Schembri interviews Gracie Otto ahead of her feature-length debut 'The Last Impresario'.

Top ten mystery and suspense films

MurderontheOrientExpressLEA JIM SCHEMBRI: The absorbing suspense drama The Two Faces of January reminds us of just how few mystery and suspense films there are at the multiplex these days. So, where have all the mysteries gone?

Jim's movie cheat sheet - June 20

HanSoloheadshot JIM SCHEMBRI: While working away on the new Star Wars film, Harrison Ford, who is returning in his original role as Han Solo, suffered a banged ankle when the door of Solo's space freighter, The Millennium Falcon, slammed down on his tootsie.

New release movie reviews - July 19

GaloreLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: Despite the huge success of the first film, the good folk at Dreamworks were somehow paranoid about kids getting restless and their parents nodding off during the follow up.

Putting mystery back into movies

HosseinAmini WATCH: For more than 20 years A-list screenwriter Hossein Amini has wanted to bring Patricia Highsmith's 1964 mystery thriller The Two Faces of January to the screen.

Jim's cheat sheet - 13 June

Jim's cheat sheet - 13 June. Cheat Sheet: British comedian Rik Mayall has unexpectedly passed away, age 56. While in Japan, a heretofore successful marriage has hit the bricks thanks to a disagreement over Disney's mega-hit animated film Frozen.

New release movie reviews - June 12

The Rover REVIEWS: Jim Schembri reviews The Rover, Good Vibrations and Blended.

'Ive always been pretty pessimistic'

Guy Pearce INTERVIEW: In his latest film The Rover, Guy Pearce plays an aimless man in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback who begins chasing three criminals who stole his car.

Top ten tear jerkers

GreenMileLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: With the movie adaptation of John Greene's best-seller The Fault in Our Stars set to have people weeping in multiplexes the world over, here is a highly subjective selection of films that bring a tear to the eye.

Jim's Cheat Sheet - June 6

AliensRipleythumb JIM SCHEMBRI: Moves are afoot to ban the Hunger Games salute, being used by defiant teens against the military coup in Thailand.

Jim's Cheat Sheet - 30 May

Lock up your best plates, folks, there's another big Greek movie wedding on the way. JIM SCHEMBRI: Lock up your best plates, folks, there's another big Greek movie wedding on the way.

'I am very optimistic about peace'

Hany Abu Assad INTERVIEW: As one of the leading and most daring filmmakers to come out of the Palestine, Hany Abu-Assad is used to making waves.

New release movies reviews - May 29

Million Ways to Die REVIEWS: This week's films include A Million Ways to Die in the West, Maleficent, The Trip to Italy and Son of God.

Poking film at Hollywood posters

Oh Noah poster PHOTOS: Film fanatic Jim Schembri has mocked up some movie poster parodies for your enjoyment.

Jim's Cheat Sheet - May 23

BladeRunner JIM SCHEMBRI: The long-planned, long-feared sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner looks like it's finally growing legs.

New release movies - May 22

X-Men REVIEWS: This week Jim Schembri reviews X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Bababook, and Sunshine on Leith.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - May 16

Alien MOVIE NEWS: The brilliant Swiss artist HR Giger, best-known for his extraordinary design work on the 1979 sci-fi classic Alien, has died, age 74.

Godzilla: A non-event

BrokenCircleBreakdownLEAD JIM SCHEMBRI: There's a lot that can be said about the too-close-for-comfort relationship between mother and son in Calin Peter Netzer's compelling, unsettling, bare-knuckled Romanian drama.

'It was a surreal experience'

Kent Davis INTERVIEW: In the suburban horror film The Babadook, distraught a single mother tries caring for her son while coping with the emotionally devastating loss of her husband.

Jim's movie cheat sheet - May 12

Fred Flintstone JIM SCHEMBRI: Will Ferrell and his Gary Sanchez Productions are gearing up for another live-action movie version of the classic cartoon sitcom The Flintstones.

New York on film

Manhattan JIM SCHEMBRI: New York; it's where Harry met Sally; where Robert De Niro learned to be a taxi driver; where ghosts got busted; and where John Travolta got the fever.

Don Hany 'Healing' interview

Don Hany Healing VIDEO: In the new Australian film Healing, Don Hany plays Viktor, a long-term prisoner on the verge of release.

New release movie reviews

Bad Neighbours JIM SCHEMBRI: This week reviews for Bad Neighbours, Healing, Chef and Seduced and Abandoned.