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IMPORTANT: Until half an hour before the match starts you can listen to 3AW by clicking the 'LISTEN LIVE' button on the right. After that point and until after the match listen to 3AW Football by clicking the image above ... you will need to select 3AW after clicking on the 'LIVE RADIO' buttonImage
PLEASE NOTE: Any problems with the stream during AFL matches clicking on the above link are attributed to Telstra Bigpond and the AFL website. If you would like to contact them please paste this link into your web browser: https://help.telstra.com/app/email_complaint It is Telstra Bigpond and the AFL website's responsibility to ensure YOU have access to our football commentary online.


The ways you can stay connected to 3AW Football for the match:

- Listen on the radio
- Stream via AFL website right here on 3AW.com.au
- Follow up to the minute action on http://twitter.com/3awisfootball

Also, be sure to check out 3AW Football’s live Tweeting on the big screen at Media House.

3AW Football on Twitter

Twitter Follow 3AW Football on Twitter this year to receive up to the minute information and live match coverage. You will need a Twitter account to follow the feed, which will be displayed live on Media House's big screen on the corner of Collins and Spencer Streets.

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3AW Football - Brian Taylor In 2014, the 3AW Football team is the most experienced and successful in the league. Taylor, Matthews, Ling, Richardson, Russell, Lloyd, Shaw. Get to know the 3AW Football team.

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