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Mike Brady: Profile

Milke Brady

Mike has been a professional musician and songwriter for most of his life, starting from age 15. He gained most of his education on the road and had to develop the "gift of the gab" to compensate. Radio has been a natural transition.

Mike has had hit records in a number of decades: the 60s with Little Boy Sad (MPD Ltd) and the 70s with Sympathy and Up There Cazaly. The '80s saw Mike work in more of the production side of the music business, producing hits for people as diverse as Joe Dolce and Tina Arena. Music is still a major part of his life.

What was your first job?

Sheet metal worker.

What is your favourite on air moment thus far?

Starting a call with a man called Ho by saying "Hi Ho". And then not being able to resist following up with "it's off to work we go".

If you could interview anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

Elvis Presley because I'd love to know what he was thinking when he did all those terrible movies.

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