<b>WATCH:</b> See the incredible vision.

WATCH: See the incredible vision.

AFLPA fires back at ASADA

Caroline Wilson says Essendon players will receive sanctions. LISTEN: The head of AFL Players' Association says he's offended by suggestions player welfare isn't the AFLPA's main concern, labelling comments from ASADA boss Ben McDevitt "disappointing".

'I hope I never have to do it again'

Police chase LISTEN: The police officer who coordinated yesterday's large-scale police pursuit of a gun-slinging carjacker admits he was "terrified" and says it was "lucky" no one was killed.

Teenage pregnancy declining

baby PREGNANCY: For the first time since 1932 women aged 40-44 are having more babies than women aged 15-19 in Australia.

Offensive graffiti to be removed

Offensive graffiti at Ripponlea station. RIPPONLEA: Metro Trains will remove the offensive political graffiti seen on a platform at the Ripponlea train station.

Why your digital TV cuts out

Antenna. DIGITAL TV: It’s happened to all of us; you’re watching your favourite TV show and just as it hit the climax, the digital signal cuts out.

Illegal commercial transport dangers

taxi UBERX: Taxi Services Commissioner Graeme Samuel is well aware of issues regarding illegal commercial passenger transport, including UberX drivers.

Plea to legalise voluntary euthanasia

Mitchell Short, Neil Mitchell and Peter Short. EUTHANASIA: We first met Peter Short, 57, in May when he had around five months to live. He has a terminal oesophageal cancer and working on his original time frame, he has ten days to live.

Printer saves man from losing foot

Len Chandler LISTEN: In a world-first procedure, doctors have used a 3D printer to save a Victorian man from having his leg amputated.

Moira Kelly set to help deformed boy

Moira Kelly, Neil Mitchell and Fatima Bakara. MOIRA KELLY: Moira Kelly is the women who bought conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna into our lives. For many years she has provided a home and health care for many underprivileged children from all over the world.

19-year-old arrested over bus attack

Liam's attacker. BUS ATTACK: The mother of a 14-year-old autistic boy who was attacked on a bus says her son won’t catch a bus for years and the incident as really put a dampener on his development.

Australia's Ebola promise to neighbours

Ebola virus diagnosed in the US FIRST ON 3AW: Abbott Government says it's prepared to fly Australasian Ebola patients to Australia if the epidemic reaches closer to home.

Tough new drug test laws

Fernando Marino and Karen McGovern. EXCLUSIVE: A loophole protecting killer drivers from drug tests is set to be plugged.

Rates 'getting out of hand'

. RATES: Council rate increases are "getting out of hand" and plunging people in financial hardship, according to the Ratepayers Victoria.

Neil Mitchell's Truck Forum

Neil Mitchell's truck forum. TRUCK FORUM: Across Victoria in the past 5 years, 506 people have been killed involving heavy vehicles, and over 3000 people have been injured.

Surely this can't be a mini poodle!

Mini poodle DOG DRAMA: A proud puppy owner got a rude shock after the miniature poodle she purchased kept growing into a 'bloody big dog'.

Bali Bomber attends service

Ms Majell Hind and Nasir Abbas. BALI BOMBINGS: Yesterday marked the twelfth anniversary of the Bali Bombings and there was an ‘uncomfortable’ twist to the memorial service in Bali.

Is Australia racist?

Burqa LISTEN: Australia’s racial discrimination commissioner has hit back at criticism that our nation is a racist country.

Austin Health denies staff shortage

health LISTEN: Austin Health chief denies accusations of a staff shortage which is reportedly affecting cancer patients.

250 animals face death in bank action

70-year-old Mary Rose Kersting, a pensioner, has run the 10-acre property at Balnarring for over 20 years. LISTEN: Hundreds of animals, some rare, could be killed off because a major bank is foreclosing on a Victorian wildlife sanctuary, run by a 70-year old pensioner.

Corner store takeover slammed

Expensive food: good if you're a Coles or Woolworths shareholer, not so great if you're a humble consumer. LISTEN: Master Grocers Australia have raised concerns over a move by Woolworths and Coles to take over smaller, corner stores in Australia’s major cities.

‘F-bomb’ dropped live on air

kennett LISTEN: Leading expert says swearing is becoming more acceptable, after South Sydney captain Sam Burgess dropped the ‘F-bomb’ live on national television.

Australian jet fighters complete first mission in Iraq

Details of a major counter-terrorism crackdown at airports have been revealed. LISTEN: Australian fighter jets have completed their first mission over Iraq, but Defence experts play the mission down.

Queen wears Muslim headscarf on defaced $5 note

Not Australia's usual $5 note PHOTO: A man has told of his shock at finding Queen Elizabeth II defaced and mysterious Arabic writing on a $5 note.

Davis denies Sassella dispute

Former Ambulance CEO Greg Sassella. AMBULANCE: After the sudden announcement by Greg Sassella to resign as Ambulance CEO after 30 years of service, Neil Mitchell had been told the decision came on the back of a disagreement with Health Minister David Davis over the current pay dispute.

'I do hate this guy': Sue Parsons

Sue Parsons. ICE: It has been a tough road for Sue Parsons, now grieving the loss of her husband Anthony who was struck by a vehicle in December by a driver affected by the drug ice.

'Congratulations Melbourne'

Fans want an investigation into the MCG's ticketing system. LISTEN: After a week where terror stories stole the headlines, Melbourne’s Lord Mayor commended Victorians for taking a stand and celebrating on grand final weekend despite possible dangers.

Beams' transfer a sign of trouble?

Dayne Beams LISTEN: The transfer request by leading Collingwood footballer Dayne Beams has sparked industry commentators to question what else might be going on at the club.

Toddler hospitalised after snake bite

The mother of a three-year-old boy bitten by a tiger snake on Sunday, sends a warning to be alert. LISTEN: The mother of a three-year-old boy bitten by a tiger snake on Sunday, sends a warning to be alert.

Jeff Kennett: 'Don't boo Buddy'

Jeff Kennett has called for a review of Hawthorn's coaching panel (Photo: Pat Scala) LISTEN: Former Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has urged Hawks fans not to boo departed dual premiership player Lance Franklin during Saturday's grand final.

Semi-naked passengers fined

Tram passengers in their undies fined for not touching on PHOTO: Not your average morning on the Belgrave to Flinders St train...

Keep cool on 'overheating' market

House generic HOUSING: A home loan expert has said concerns about Melbourne and Sydney’s property markets overheating are not warranted.

'Kill Aust' billboards 'very distressing'

Noble Park billboard NOBLE PARK: A disturbing 'kill Australia' message has been scrawled onto a pair of billboards at Noble Park.

'Yarravillians' to protest paid parking

Yarraville YARRAVILLE: Yarraville residents will protest against the local council’s proposed paid parking next month, as members of the community continue to butt heads with local councilors.

City's award-winning tree treatment

Melbourne trees MELBOURNE: Melbourne's 77,000 public trees were facing a "dire situation" before the council implemented its award-winning program to turn the problem around.

Feminists applaud Emma Watson

Emma Watson LISTEN: Feminists have applauded British actor Emma Watson for a speech about the state of feminism, saying identifying as a feminist has "always been difficult for young women to do".

Fans livid at AFL ticket scalpers

ebay ticket scalpers AFL: Just hours after the first tickets to Saturday's AFL Grand Final went on sale, scalpers are already cashing in.

'Cup bouncer' Brown guards holy grail

Jonathan Brown VIDEO: Retired Brisbane Lions superstar Jonathan Brown is predicting a Sydney Swans win in Saturday's grand final against Hawthorn.

Crime stats delay 'not political'

Ken Lay CRIME STATS: The chief commissioner has said he made the decision to delay the release of crime figures until after the November election based on advice from the ombudsman.

Armytage hits out at newspaper pics

Samantha Armytage TV: Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has been slugging it out in a Twitter war with gossip columnist Annette Sharp this morning, accusing Sharp of trying to shame her, with a spread of unflattering photos.

We're toast: Bakers fear cheap bread

white bread LISTEN: Bakery businesses around the country are set to face more uncertainty as loaves of bread at Woolworths drop from $1 to 85-cents.

Kennett: 'This is sheer incompetence'

kennett LISTEN: Former premier Jeff Kennett has censured Moreland council over its failure to install CCTV cameras on Sydney Road following the murder of Jill Meagher, dismissing its excuses as "absolute crap".

'Be alert, be aware'

Ken Lay tells Victorians to live life normally. WATCH: Chief Commissioner Ken Lay has urged Victorians to live their lives as normal but 'be alert and be aware' in the wake of the increased terror threat in Australia.

Swallow stays focused on game

Andrew Swallow AFL: North Melbourne captain Andrew Swallow is staying focused on the task at hand, as his team flies up to Sydney in the wake of huge anti-terrorism raids in the city.

'It's very little time for taking a life'

The Age Anthony and Sue Parsons. LISTEN: The wife of a 45-year-old man, killed when a driver high on ice sped through a red light in Oakleigh, wants his sentence appealed.

'This should be an offence'

Anti-Israeli number plate IMAGE: Police have confirmed to 3AW the owner of the offensive hand-written, anti-Israeli number plate will be charged with failing to display a valid number plate.

'It makes me shiver'

domestic violence LISTEN: Victim blaming is rife in the community, according to a national report of social attitudes towards violence against women.

Jones undeterred by Meat Loaf's fail

Tom Jones AFL GRAND FINAL: International singing superstar Sir Tom Jones is undeterred by Meat Loaf's failed AFL Grand Final performance, saying he'll do the best job he can.

De Costa sentence 'not adequate'

The Age Anthony and Sue Parsons. COURT: An ice addict who sped through multiple red lights in Oakleigh, killing a husband and wife and a pedestrian, has been sentenced to 16 years in jail.

Elderly couple suffering after scam

Money Cash LISTEN: Police are investigating a disturbing new scam in Melbourne's eastern suburbs that has taken advantage of at least one elderly couple.

'Blame the tradie, not contestants'

The Block Glasshouse contestants, Max and Karstan. BLOCK SHOCK: Branding The Block's Max and Karstan "cheats" is unjust and any financial disparities arising from their renovations is most likely to be the fault of the tradesmen, according a TV critic.

Salt OK, says new research

US scientists say suger - not salt - is the diet evil. FOOD: Ross and John are the happiest men in Melbourne, but one medical expert tells Neil Mitchell salt is a 'problem'.

Classic or crazy? Cazaly re-made

Mike Brady released 'Up There Cazaly' 35 years ago. LISTEN: One of football's most iconic anthems has had a makeover.

PM to consider Indigenous seats

Tony Abbott is facing a fight with Indonesia. (Photo: Alex Ellinghausen / Fairfax) LISTEN: Prime Minister Tony Abbott refused to rule out introducing a quota system for Indigenous Australians in federal Parliament.

'Destroy homemade weapons'

DanielCowan LISTEN: The father of a 15-year-old boy killed by a homemade air gun in 2012 has urged anyone in possession of such weapons to destroy them.

Horrified kids find pet dogs mauled

Parquinuous and Daisy with their young owners. FIRST ON 3AW: A woman and her young children have been left traumatised after their three dogs were mauled to death in their own backyard.

Amazing pics: Fish saved by surgery

<b>SAVED:</b> Remarkable surgery saves George the Goldfish. PHOTOS: Vets have saved a goldfish's life in a remarkable micro-surgery.

31 reasons to keep community TV

'I'll watch my TV out of the corner of my eye now, trying to work out if it's going to explode on me!' POLITICS: Channel 31 employees and volunteers have condemned the federal government’s decision to pull the plug on community TV stations, opting not to renew licences beyond 2015.

Lay: child porn 'major problem'

computer WATCH: Victoria's police chief commissioner has warned paedophiles are increasingly using the internet to groom children, with the force currently investigating 120 cases.

Neil's Valuable Player

Neil's Valuable Player, thanks to Bayside Alfa Romeo. With the help of Bayside Alfa Romeo Frankston, Neil Mitchell will be announcing his NVP each week, a.k.a Neil’s Valuable Player Award Each weekly NVP is then eligible for the grand prize - An ALFA Romeo Giulietta Distinctive from Bayside ALFA Romeo Frankston

Neil's Pics

Email your picture or video to neilspics@3aw.com.au for your chance to win! Seen Something newsworthy, interesting or funny? Send a video or picture of it to Neil Mitchell!

Neil's pics: Knitting

Knitting NEIL'S PICS: After hearing about 'yarn bombing', Neil Mitchell has his interest in knitting 'spun'! Send your pics to neilspics@3aw.com.au.

Neil's Pics - Garden Gnomes

My father, who passed away last year from melanoma, bought me this little beauty nearly 20 years ago when I bought my first house, knowing my dislike for garden gnomes! He's looking a bit old and weathered now. (Photo: Kelli. T) NEIL'S PICS: An Ikea advertisement featuring a family at war with their garden gnomes has been claimed as too violent in the UK. Neil wants to see your pics of garden gnomes

Neil's beautiful autumn shots

Brightness PHOTO GALLERY: Autumn is here, and Neil Mitchell wants your photos of the spectacular season in full bloom.

Neil's idea to thank CFA volunteers

Fiskville report CFA NEIL MITCHELL: It is danger day: ring the alarm bells, because I have an idea. Premier Denis Napthine will today unveil promised surpluses in his budget heading up to 2017, reaching up to $2.5 billion.

What is wrong with younger drivers?

Young Drivers NEIL MITCHELL: Today I am broadcasting from Sandown Racecourse surrounded by fancy cars and kids and the aim is to find out what is wrong with young drivers.

Celebrating Lou Richards' 90th Birthday

Lou Richards WATCH VIDEO: Neil Mitchell spent the afternoon with Lou Richards - 'the man who has done more for football in Victoria than a team full of superstars'.

Cricketers dumped over homework

Mickey Arthur NEIL MITCHELL: Flashback: Rod Marsh is throwing down beers, Dougie Walters is drinking and smoking, Dennis Lillee is snarling and the coach comes up and says: You lot are very naughty, now go away and write we an essay on the three things you must improve.

Ryan's attack on Tristan Weston

Peter Ryan WATCH VIDEO: Deputy Premier Peter Ryan has made his first public, blistering attack on his former advisor Tristan Weston, tearing into his credibility over the secret tape affair on the Neil Mitchell program.

'Police targeted our race'

african RACIAL PROFILING: Victoria Police yesterday settled a case brought by six African-Australian men over alleged harassment, abuse and racial profiling in Flemington. Neil Mitchell spoke to Daniel Haile-Michael, an African University student involved in the case.

Lundy defends 'dramatic' revelations

Kate Lundy DRUGS IN SPORT: Neil Mitchell spoke to Sports Minister Kate Lundy this morning and accused the federal MP of 'political grandstanding' to ramp up the election campaign.

Calls for warning labels on Soft drink

Cola HEALTH WARNINGS: A New Zealand coroner has found a woman who drank up to ten litres of coca-cola a day died due to a 'racing heart' from an overload of caffeine. The coroner's report has sparked discussion as to whether warning labels are needed.

PM's Partner makes bizarre 'Asian Doctor' gaffe

Tim Mathieson TIM MATHIESON: The Prime Minister's partner is under fire for a joke about Asian women during a reception at the Lodge. Tim Mathieson was addressing the West Indian Cricket Team on the importance of prostate examinations when he made the comment.

Adrian Richardson's Christmas recipes

Adrian Richardson. (Photo: Eddie Jim) ADRIAN'S RECIPES: Looking for some inspiring Christmas recipe ideas? Adrian Richardson gives you three delicious Christmas recipes: Sweet & sour stuffed spatchcock, Christmas Turkey Galantine, and Roast chicken with parsley butter and corn bread stuffing.

After years of tears and pain, this is our chance

confessional NEIL MITCHELL: If you are a victim, if you know what's been going on and you have evidence of these atrocities and the obscenity of the cover-up in the Catholic Church, come forward. Now is the time for decency to strike back.

James Earl Jones on 3AW

James Earl LISTEN: The legendary voice of Darth Vader joined Neil Mitchell this morning and opened up about a number of issues, including the reelection of President Barack Obama, growing up in the racially segregated US and what he thinks of his one-of-a-kind voice.

"Playing political games with lives"

Gillard and Baillieu are playing games with lives NEIL MITCHELL: "Remember Black Saturday? Because there is an indecent, obscene political fight going on around those same bushfires; An obscene and indecent fight around the safety of those people they all cried about and pledged to help."

David Galbally's red light letter

Red light fine letter DOWNLOAD: Leading Australian QC David Galbally has provided 3AW listeners with the following template letter to send to the Minister for Roads and the Department of Justice, if they believe they have been wrongly fined by dodgy red-light cameras.

Iconic Nylex Clock site up for redevelopment

Nylex EXCLUSIVE: Work could soon begin on a new retail complex on the historic silo's site on the Yarra River at Richmond. It will include a shopping centre, offices and a public plaza. Details here.

Neil Mitchell does Laws!

Neil Mitchell on the Today Show doing his best John Laws WATCH VIDEO: Did you see John Laws bizarre appearance on the ABC’s 730 Report? His appearence has become the target of severel online parodies and this morning even Neil Mitchell got into the spirit!

3AW joins forces with JOY

Macca and Mitchell YOUTH ISSUES: 3AW and Australia’s only gay and lesbian radio station JOY 94.9 joined forces for the first time to raise awareness of the serious issues affecting today’s youth. Have a listen to historic 2-hour broadcast ad-free.

Adrian's sourdough bread

adrian richardson sourdough bread ADRIAN RICHARDSON: The bread recipe that everyone is raving about! Give Adrian Richardson's mouth-watering sourdough bread recipe a try and let us know how your bread turns out!

Missing millions

cash YOUR MONEY? Millions of dollars in unclaimed funds are sitting in the State Revenue Office, and some of it could be yours. A State Revenue Office spokesperson told Justin Smith one man has even claimed $600,000!

The best ad ever made?

Babies VIDEO: A listener sent Neil Mitchell an email this morning about what she reckons is quite possibly the best commercial ever made. We agree, this is absolutely superb!

Tiger rescued on the Yarra

Richmond legend Neville Crowe <i>(FFX)</i><br>
<i>(Inset: The view of the Yarra from the Victoria St Bridge)</i> RUMOUR CONFIRMED: This morning, the Rumour file learned Richmond club legend Neville Crowe took a nasty spill off his bike and fell into the Yarra river. Neil Mitchell spoke to the good samaritan who pulled the footballer out of the water.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard may well have sealed her own fate

Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Sky News yesterday <i>(Sky)</i> NEIL MITCHELL: On an obscure, barely-watched pay TV program yesterday, Julia Gillard may well have sealed her own fate. She may well have finally ended any hope she has of leading the government into the next election.

Five months on: Sam Stynes reflects

Neil Mitchell Sam Stynes FIVE MONTHS ON: Sam Stynes, the wife of the late Jim Stynes, has opened up to give a frank and personal interview with Neil Mitchell about her life without Jim and the effects cancer had on their relationship.

No end in sight for smoke police

Butt NEIL MITCHELL: "You can't allow people to become addicted legally then suddenly make it illegal. Imagine it. We'll have flying squads of smoke police raiding garages in Glen Waverley, dragging away four pensioners caught smoking."

Pie on Bill Shorten's face?

Workplace Relations & Employment Minister Bill Shorten VIDEO: A Lygon Street milk bar owner has alleged Workplace Relations and Employment Minister Bill Shorten verbally abused, all because her the meat pie he wanted was not in stock.

New hip needed for original Labradoodle breeder

Wally Conron WALLY CONRON: The Australian inventor of the Labradoodle has been waiting years for a hip replacement. The dog-lover told Neil Mitchell: "I've given so many people mobility with the labradoodle and as soon as I have an ailment myself, I get fogged off."

Scheme to protect fare evaders

Tramsurance TRAMSURANCE: Online activists who've set up a scheme claiming to shield fare evaders from fines have been given till tomorrow to scrap their campaign or face possible police action. Neil Mitchell spoke to the founder this morning.

Truckie beats drug reading

police drug swab ROADSIDE TESTING: Victoria's roadside police drug testing has been called into question, after a truck driver successfully contested two positive saliva readings which could have rendered him jobless. Truckie Danny Hanning told Neil Mitchell his story.

Royal memorabilia

Memorabioia GALLERY: In honour of the Queen's jubiliee, send us photos!

Step right up, it’s Jeff!

Kennett Circus JUSTIN SMITH BLOG: It’s a lot harder to keep Jeff Kennett out of the news than put him in it. With the flavour of so many pies on his fingers, there’s not much in the state he hasn’t managed to be involved with. Read the rest here.

Man donates $3000 to Erin's charity

Toomey OVER $6000 TOTAL: 'Kevin' has told Neill Mitchell he was so moved he drove across Melbourne to present a $3000 cheque to the cancer charity Challenge through Erin's mother, Kathy. Listen to Kathy and Kevin's on-air chat here.

Aussie Spoon lady goes viral

Deb Spoons Perry VIRAL VIDEO: Spoon playing Gran rocks out to the Black Keys.

VIDEO: SES Rescue simulation

Rescue simulation ARRIVE ALIVE: To launch the 2012 Easter Driver Reviver campaign the SES performed a live road rescue simulation at Federation Square. The morning programs Seb Costello headed to Federation Square to take part in the action.

Chroming on Werribee Line

Footage of chroming on Werribee train EXCLUSIVE: The Neil Mitchell program obtained footage of two men chroming on a city-bound train on the Werribee line this morning. Rebecca, a 3AW employee, filmed the incident on her mobile phone on a 7:10am train and said the two had paint on their faces and clothes.

Neil Mitchell takes out Graham Perkin award

Neil Mitchell Quill Awards CONGRATULATIONS: 3AW's Neil Mitchell became the first radio journalist to win the coveted Graham Perkin Australian Journalist of the Year award, named in honour of the legendary, late editor of The Age. Watch Neil accept his award.

Tom Elliott apologises for comment

Tom Elliott REPLAY: In the past week, The Neil Mitchell Program received complaints from listeners regarding comments Tom Elliott made about the Australian Army on the Weekend Break. Today, Neil confronted Tom about his comment. Listen here.

'Kevin Rudd no team player'

unity VIDEO: Simon Crean has taken a swipe at former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, saying one of the reasons he lost the leadership is that he was not a team player. Watch Neil Mitchell's hard-hitting editorial and listen to Simon Crean.

Caffeinated Christ

coffee Neil Mitchell has been contacted by a man with a holy yarn.

Brave act's long-term impact

Ron Barassi shares a brave and powerful chat Ron Barassi wants to meet face-to-face the man who bashed him in St Kilda. The footy legend's also revealed the effects of the bashing are still with him - he's unable to hold a conversation and is suffering a degree of memory loss.

Men admit to domestic violence

White-Ribbon-Day2-172x115 WHITE RIBBON DAY: Neil Mitchell spoke to two men who admitted to perpetrating violence against women. Hear their stories as Australia unites against domestic violence.

Newton 'misleads' on violence

Matthew Newton pops his head up. Convincing? UPDATE: Anti-domestic violence organisation White Ribbon says Matthew Newton is not taking enough responsibility for his actions, following the actor's controversial TV interview on Monday night.

Drunken man gets stuck in a bin

dss An article which appeared in the Victoria Police Gazette caught the attention of Neil Mitchell. Certainly a candidate for the International Idiot Awards (if there is such a thing?)..

Virgin on sale for $15,000

naked An online advertisment offering a teenage girl's virginity for sale for $15,000 has sparked public outrage but authorities say they're powerless to act.

A non-political protest?

Occupy Melb KEN LAY'S SAY: Neil Mitchell came out firing against the Occupy Melbourne protesters this morning, revealing that one of the main organisers of the movement, Jake Wishart, works for Greens MP Adam Bandt.