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Clash over protest controversy

9:06 AM   Neil Mitchell has clashed with an advocate for the homeless over a protest outside Robert Doyle's house.

Massive factory fire

 The smoke billowing from the fire.

8:38 AM   More than 100 firefighters were needed to control a massive blaze at Coolaroo.

Sydney Rd suggestion slammed

7:34 AM   The RACV wants on-street parking removed from Sydney Road.

The 'smells' of Melbourne

What are Melbourne's most distinctive smells?

9:39 AM   Ross and John took suggestions for the "quintessential" smells of Melbourne.

Pay cut following romance

John Neal, chief executive at QBE, suffered a $550,000 cut to his bonus after romance

9:33 AM   A chief executive has had pay slashed by more than $500,000 after he failed to disclose a romantic relationship.

Shark at St Kilda beach

6:25 AM   A shark has been spotted at St Kilda beach.

AFL return for Princes Park?

8:05 AM   There is a renewed push for AFL games to be played at Princes Park for premiership points.

'Honesty system' scrapped

7:25 PM   The 'honesty system' for MPs to claim entitlements will be scrapped.

Major stuff-up at Oscars

Jordan Horowitz, left, of "La La Land", mistakenly accepts the award for best picture at the Oscars.

5:59 PM   In what will easily go down as the greatest on-air stuff-up in Oscar history...

Learn to shop cheap

Jody Allen only spent $50 a week on shopping.

5:05 PM   Imagine living off $50 a week. Tom Elliott spoke to a woman who has done it.

Encouraged not to do VCE?

Some students may not be sitting exams.

6:52 AM   Are some schools encouraging students not to do their VCE? Tom Elliott investigates...

Violence at taxi protest

11:33 AM   A group of men yelling "Go Uber" have been involved in a violent clash with taxi supporters outside state parliament.

Rumour Confirmed

Protesters target Mayor's home

11:47 AM   Homelessness protesters took their fight to the private home of the Lord Mayor on Saturday night.

Driver bashed and robbed

A man has been smashed over the head with a hammer, bashed and then robbed in a terrifying attack at Bulleen.

One Nation's popularity soars

10:12 AM   Neil Mitchell spoke with One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts on Monday.

In studio with Neil Mitchell

Allan on claims controversy

10:59 AM   Jacinta Allan admits she can't understand how Telmo Languiller and Don Nardella thought their claims were acceptable.

Rumour Confirmed

Mo Hope caught speeding

2:47 PM   Collingwood's highest-profile women's footballer has been booked for speeding almost 20 kilometres over the limit.

Shots fired at St Albans

4:39 PM   A siege at a suspected St Albans drug house has ended. Eight people have been arrested.

Politician allowance overhaul

A sweeping overhaul of entitlements will be rushed through cabinet after a rocky weekend for the government.

More price rises

Post office boxes have gone up in price

1:24 PM   Price hikes. We all hate them. But it appears Australia Post may have raised prices again.


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