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Neil: We're in a law and order bidding war

1:21 PM   "It shows the government is really worried about law and order."

Mating kangaroos stop traffic

8:56 AM   We now have photo evidence of today's big, important news stemming from the Rumour File: Mating kangaroos stopped traffic in Melbourne yesterday.

Clash over council 'junket'

Catherine Cumming and Neil Mitchell clashed again.

2:51 PM   Neil Mitchell has again clashed with Maribyrnong mayor Catherine Cumming, this time over a Netherlands "junket."

Rumour Confirmed

Alleged burglary 'stunt'

11:30 AM   A man has allegedly stolen a 'stunt' car from Sandown racecourse before committing a burglary at a convenience store.

Wicked, stupid and horrible

Melbourne QC Robert Richter.

9:19 AM   A plan to house serious violent offenders within a prison after they've served their prison terms has been deemed "wicked", "stupid" and "horrible" by a leading QC.

Yoghurt fans in for a shock

If you're a yoghurt fan, stick to plain greek yoghurt

9:58 AM   If you think snacking on flavoured yoghurt makes you healthy... think again.

'Maintain the rage,' Neale Daniher implores

11:47 AM   MND champion Neale Daniher joins Neil Mitchell to say he's "going bloody well".

Surf Coast's equality promise

Councillor Rose Hodge vows to fly the rainbow flag over the shire offices at Torquay until gay marriage is legalised in ...

11:06 AM   A Surf Coast Councillor is defending a decision to fly the rainbow flag outside the shire offices in Torquay.

Parenting failures with Jo Frost

Super nanny Jo Frost with parenting tips

9:03 AM   Is it a failing of parenting that millennials are known to change jobs so quickly?

Who is Employee X?

8:56 AM   The dirty laundry is being aired at the AOC, but Ross noted one person's keeping a low profile...

Fan behaviour slammed

4:43 PM   The behaviour of AFL fans is again in the spotlight, with offensive language at games said to be worse than ever before.

Your Town: Pentridge Prison

5:06 PM   3AW Drive's program reporter Alyssa Allen pays a visit to the historic Pentridge Prison.

Proof the ABC doesn't care about diversity: Albrechtson

A former ABC board member says the ABC needs to have its funding cut if it keeps employing "people like Yassmin (Abdel-Magied)".

Kel Glare's 100-point plan

Lots of the points get a big tick from Ross and John, who spoke to Mr Glare this morning.

Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole

 Adam Harvey, Denis Walter and Beccy Cole.

3:43 PM   Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole are on heading off on their ninth Australian tour!

Isaiah Firebrace in studio

This young man rose to fame last year when he was crowned the winner of last years X-Factor, and now he's off to represent Australia in Eurovision.

Australia's most well-known jingle!

It's 25 years since the first Reading Writing Hotline‚Äč jingle and it's said to be one of Australia's most well-known!

This NZ boy could be the next Neil Mitchell

'Wrong, wrong, wrong.'

If Neil Mitchell ever pulls a hamstring, Ross and John know where to get his replacement.

MP loses 33 kilograms

Andrew Katos.

The Liberal MP fat-shamed by the Premier last year has since lost 33 kilograms.

Wet, freezing and windy

A severe weather warning has been issued for most of the state today.

There's a severe weather warning in place for the whole state except the Mallee after an already wet morning.


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