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Barber's vow to keep cutting

9:12 AM   A long-serving barber in Melbourne's inner west is vowing he'll find somewhere else to cut hair after being told he must vacate his shop.

Job ad lists anti-terror check

CBM Australia have listed a job ad for an Advocacy and Policy Manager on

11:34 AM   A job advertisement for a Christian development agency asks applicants to complete an anti-terrorism check.

Sly's insights into cop shooting

Sly of the Underworld spoke on 3AW Breakfast about the police shootings.

10:34 AM   Sly says there's never been as many guns in the hands of criminals since the Port Arthur massacre and the buy-back scheme in 1996.

Concern over Buller incident

Police tape

6:24 AM   Police are appealing for witnesses after a man took photos of two young boys at a toilet block at Mount Buller.

Cover up at Campbells Cove

There are only three remaining nudist beaches in the Melbourne region.

10:55 AM   LATEST: A nudist vigorously defends stripping off on beaches in a heated exchange with 3AW's Tony Jones.

Telstra sorry for late night texts

Stock image of woman using a phone.

12:15 PM   Telstra has apologised after irate customers were bombarded with late night texts offering assistance.

Teen solo in the sky

A 15-year-old boy from Stawell will become the country's youngest recreational aircraft pilot.

12:27 PM   A 15-year-old Victorian will soon be able to take to the sky solo when he becomes Australia's youngest accredited recreational pilot. 

Paint product's cancer scare


11:09 AM   A paint product used by firefighters in back burning operations is being recalled amid fears it contains a cancer causing agent.

Not too late to get the jab

Victorians are being urged to get the flu jab.

10:17 AM   It's not too late to fend off the flu, as Victorians get ready for an epidemic this winter.

Man shot in south-east


Yvette Gray 6:49 AM   A man has been found with a gunshot wound in Springvale.

Police probe two shootings

The officer was shot trying to conduct a routine intercept.

1:58 PM   LATEST: Police investigate link between the shooting of a police officer and a drive-by shooting ten minutes earlier.

'He did look very familiar'

James Koufus recognised this man, Giorgos Chatzifotiadis, in photos shared around the world.

2:13 PM   The photo of a Greek man crying has captivated the world. But one Australian recognised the man and now plans to help him.


Victim 'left in the dark'

Police made another arrest.

4:16 PM   CONFIRMED: A woman who was carjacked at gunpoint was later kicked out of a police van so they could make another arrest.

Nick's brother slams 'racist'

Christos Kyrgios has launched a spirited defence of his brother.

Jake Bourke 5:18 PM   The brother of Nick Kyrgios has branded Dawn Fraser "backward" and "racist" before fiercely defending his brother's behaviour.

Funds for Greek arrivals

The Victorian government will give the Australian Greek Welfare Society $90,000 each year for four years.

4:02 PM   The Victorian government has announced $360,000 in funding for the state's Greek community.

Energy costs hurting Victorians

Former deputy premier John Thwaites says the deregulation of the electricity market has in some ways hurt Victorians.

There's a call for an urgent review with competition in the Victorian electricity market failing to deliver lower prices.

A golden real estate listing

The house for sale at 380 Lynch Rd, Maude.

1:36 PM   Robert Patterson quite literally struck gold when he moved to his Maude property. Now it's up for sale again.

A long, long wait for a phone 

John Alway has been told his phone line will be connected in 2028.

5:02 PM   A 70-year-old man has been told by Telstra to wait 13 years to have a phone line connected to his Mount Martha home.

Boat mishap at Lakes Entrance 

Three children are in hospital after a possible carbon monoxide leak on a boat in Lakes Entrance.

LATEST: Two boys are being hailed as heroes after saving their 10-month-old brother from a possible gas leak on the family boat.

Plea for watch's return

The watch was stolen on the weekend.

The son of a police officer killed in the line of duty is urging those who stole his father's watch to return it.



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