Barnaby Joyce says Hollywood star Johnny Depp has 48 hours to get his pet dogs out of Australia


Jake Bourke

Johnny Depp of 'Jack Sparrow' fame has brought dogs into Australia illegally.

Johnny Depp of 'Jack Sparrow' fame has brought dogs into Australia illegally. Photo: Peter Mountain

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says he "wants to play nice" with Hollywood star Johnny Depp but told 3AW he'd have no hesitation in killing his beloved dogs.

Depp, who is in Australia filming the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, has brought his two Yorkshire terriers – Boo and Pistol – into the country illegally.

Mr Joyce said Depp had just over 48 hours to remove them from Australia or they would be put down.

"We're going to have to destroy them," Mr Joyce told Neil Mitchell.

"That's the deal.

"People will say 'that's a bit harsh' but I'll tell you what harsh is.

"Harsh is if we let our guard down and ultimately rabies gets into our country and then you'll really have me on toast."

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Mr Joyce said there would be "hell to pay" if the dogs, brought in from overseas, spread disease or infection.

The Federal Minister said he had no problem with the actor.

"Good luck to him, he's a great actor and the sexiest man in the world and loves dogs and all this is marvellous – but he's also got to obey the laws of our land," Mr Joyce said.

"But they know there is a process and they know what they're supposed to do."

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