Calls for more help for Indigenous footballers early in their AFL careers

Jarman Impey.

Jarman Impey. Photo: Pat Scala

There have been calls to give more help to Indigenous footballers early in their AFL careers.

Aboriginal players can find it very difficult to acclimatise to the AFL system, especially if they have to move from small regional towns into the city.

Power backman Jarman Impey was in hot water for a driving offence last week, in which police allege he hit four parked cars before fleeing the scene.

Former Lion Chris Johnson said the 21-year-old has been struggling with the recent death of his father.

While he didn't say it excuses Impey's actions, Johnson said it's hard for non-Indigenous people to understand how difficult that can be.

"A loss in an Indigenous family takes a big toll," Johnson told Sports Today.

"I'm not saying it doesn't take a toll in other cultures, but in Indigenous culture it holds a lot of respect and it can affect you dramatically."

Johnson said the AFL should have a number of liaisons to help Indigenous players through difficult times.

"Have a number of services that AFL clubs can tap into and work out the cultural differences," Johnson said.

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