Clubs expect third man up change


Joel Brooks

The third man up rule could change next year.

The third man up rule could change next year. Photo: Getty Images

As the AFL contemplates rule tweaks and changes ahead of the 2017 season, club list managers and recruiters have faced the dilemma in what type of player they should recruit if there are changes.

Geelong list and recruiting guru Stephen Wells believes a rule will be implemented in the coming years regarding the third man up at a stoppage.

"We won't be surprised at all if that's the case," Wells told 3AW's Sports Today.

All 18 coaches recently met with the AFL to discuss the future and Wells said the general take from that meeting was that a rule could prevent ruckman being interfered with could be introduced as early as next season.

"I think the mood of the meeting according to what was reported back to me was that we should prepare that there might not be a third man up in the future," said Wells.

Currently some teams use a third man up to stifle an oppositions ruck dominance, which is why some coaches would be for and some are against a change.

Aaron Sandilands is a prime example of a dominant ruckman over the past decade, who more recently has had to deal with midfielders using him as a launch pad to stop him getting first hand to the ball.

The amount of times the third man up tactic has been used in recent years is on the rise.

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