Confusion over costly $1 billion Grand Final eve public holiday


Retail staff and business groups are pushing the Andrews Government to make a decision on whether the Grand Final eve public holiday will go ahead.

Industry leaders have urged the government to reconsider 'football Friday' before it is formally gazetted, saying it will cost the economy $1 billion.

Store manager Effie Illiopolos contacted Neil Mitchell's program to say she needs to know either way so she can roster her staff.

"No one really knows what's going on," she said.

"I think they should make a decision either way, we need to know so we can get organised."

Victorian Director of the Australian Industry Group Tim Piper said it will cost millions in penalty rates or lost revenue.

"We would certainly like the government to reconsider their position at the moment," he said.

"What our figures are showing in excess of a billion dollars of cost to business, irrespective of whose figures you look at.

"The cost and the impact on the economy is quite significant."

LISTEN: Industry groups slam Grand Final eve public holiday 

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