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Sydney-born actor Jai Courtney stars in The Water Diviner

Sydney-born actor Jai Courtney stars in The Water Diviner

SOLDIER ON: Jai Courtney Interview

Having established himself on television in shows such as All Saints, Packed to the Rafters and the Starz hit Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Sydney-born actor Jai Courtney's big-screen profile has quickly swelled with films such as Divergent, Jack Reacher, A Good Day to Die Hard and the upcoming Terminator Genisys.

Despite his growing Hollywood fortunes, however, Courtney values his work on Australian projects, regardless of the role's size.

Earlier this year he did solid work in the police thriller Felony and now provides sturdy support in Russell Crowe's outstanding World War I drama The Water Diviner.

In the film, which is largely set immediately after the war, Courtney portrays historical figure Lieutenant-Colonel Cyril Hughes, the Australian officer charged with the onerous task of identifying the thousands of dead on the Gallipoli beach head. 

Here Courtney discusses his research, his physical preparation for the film - which included the back-breaking task of digging a trench - the effect putting on a uniform had on him and why the moustache was so important.

He also reflects on his burgeoning film career and the satisfaction he finds in sustaining his involvement in Australian cinema.

We began our interview by asking Courtney whether he thought The Water Diviner was the type of movie the Australian film industry should be making more of.

Please enjoy.

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