Jumper stoush for China clash


Joel Brooks

Port Adelaide and the Suns will play in China next season.

Port Adelaide and the Suns will play in China next season. Photo: DAVID MARIUZ

A jumper stoush could be set to emerge between Port Adelaide and the Gold Coast Suns, according to Bruce Eva on 3AW's Sports Today program.

The two teams are set to play each other in China next season, in what was an initiative by Port Adelaide.

Power President David Koch is a key player in making the match happen, however due to their own contract with Adelaide Oval, they were not able to use the match as their own home game. Instead, the Suns have been forced to give up a home match of their own.

That is where the jumper stoush begins. Gold Coast's home attire is predominantly red with a yellow emblem, two of China's most important national colours.

It is believed that Port Adelaide, who are keen to build a strong fan base in the country, are wary that locals could be attracted to the Suns colours instead.

Gold Coast's away guernsey is mainly white with the red and yellow being nowhere near as obvious, however the Suns are not obliged to wear that jumper given it is their home match.

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