Labor's West Gate Bridge Distributor project comes under fire


Matt Cram

The West Gate Bridge.

The West Gate Bridge.

Labor's plan to add extra exits to the West Gate Bridge has come under fire for being low on detail and counter-productive.

The proposed West Gate Distributor project will see new on- and off-ramps at the western end of the bridge.

Some are calling it Labor's answer to the East-West Link, although the project's main purpose is to remove trucks from clogged and polluted inner west streets.

But the RACV and LeadWest - a council advocacy group - say the project is short-sighted.

Brain Negus, from RACV, told 3AW Breakfast the ramps could create a mess.

"The concern is that with that mixture of ramps ... it's going to be very, very difficult to design that out to make sure you don't get a confusion of traffic," he said.

"We're waiting to see the detail because, thus far, we've only seen a couple of pages from Labor prior to the election ... and that doesn't give us good detail."

LISTEN: The RACV and an anti-truck group have their say

But another locals group, the Maribyrnong Truck Action Group, says any plans to take trucks off inner western roads was a good one.

"The community supports any piece of infrastructure that's going to remove trucks off the streets of the inner west," Martin Wurt told Kate and Peter.

"Our understanding is this project will remove about one million trucks per year off the streets of the inner west.

"We need infrastructure out here.

"We've got trucks running down these narrow residential streets. It's not world class. It's pathetic.

"We need proper roads."

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