Peppa Pig is coming to Australia for a brand new cinema series


Donna Demaio

Peppa Pig heads down under!

Peppa Pig heads down under!

One of the world's biggest and most-loved preschool stars Peppa Pig has learnt to surf, met Kylie Kangaroo and thrown a boomerang.

After 12 years, Peppa Pig is having her first holiday and it's in Australia.

Nine brand new episodes, including the four Australian episodes, will feature on the big screen next March in Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience: Peppa's Australia.

Entertainment One Films spokeswoman Natalie Motto says, "The demographic is obviously pre-schoolers and this is primed to be little ones' first cinematic experience.

It will grab their attention from start to finish."

And why is Peppa Pig so popular? Ms Motto has a theory.

"She's just amazing and so entertaining and also educational. The proof is in the pudding being one of the world's biggest and most-loved stars."

Watch the preview here:

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