Taxpayers footing the bill for gender reassignment and breast enhancement surgeries for ADF members

The ADA has defended the taxpayer funded surgeries.

The ADA has defended the taxpayer funded surgeries.

The Australia Defence Association says Defence personnel are entitled to undergo breast enhancement or gender reassignment surgeries funded by taxpayers.

There are reports 28 members have opted for the surgeries over a nearly three-year period, at a cost of nearly $650,000.

But the ADA's executive director Neil James told Neil Mitchell Defence members receive free healthcare as part of their contract.

"It's fair enough on two grounds, firstly if you qualify for something under Medicare, then you should qualify under Defence Force healthcare," he said.

Plastic surgery also included members who were badly burnt, had been treated for cancer and those who were wounded.

Mr James said the number of members receiving breast enhancements was very small and mostly the surgeries involved reconstructions after cancer or reductions for safety reasons.

"There are some common sense reasons as to why this is done," he said.

LISTEN: ADA defends cosmetic surgeries for Defence personnel

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