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Friday on 3AW

CURRENT 3AW Program Guide

3AW Radio Please click the above link to be taken to a word document detailing the latest program guide for 3AW Radio. This above guide takes into account when hosts are on leave and who they are being replaced by. We hope this helps you plan your radio-listening week better - feel free to print a copy for yourself.

Mornings: 8:30am to 12pm

Neil Mitchell Neil Mitchell is the number one radio journalist in Melbourne - if not Australia. For 20 years he has covered the events that changed our world and will keep you informed and provide access to Australia's most influential people.

Afternoons: 12pm to 4pm

Denis Walter 3AW Afternoons provides a feast of entertainment and helpful information between 12 and 4pm every Monday to Friday. Denis Walter, one of 3AW's favourites, hosts the program each day - with highlights regularly uploaded to 3AW.com.au.

3AW Football

3AW is Football. In 2014, the 3AW Football team is the most experienced and successful in the league. This is your home for all 3AW Footy news, views and analysis. 3AW is Football.

Blast From the Past: 11pm to 12am

Alan Pearsall Alan Pearsall and Billy Pinnell bring you a wide selection of great music to end the busy week. Blast From The Past is one of the highest rating program in the country.