A non-political protest?



 PLAY: Acting Police Commissioner Ken Lay with Neil Mitchell


PLAY: Adam Bandt, the Greens, refuse to speak

PLAY: Neil Mitchell doesn't hold back against the protesters

PLAY: Occupy Melbourne Spokesperson Jason Grech confirms with 3AW News that the Queen will be targeted (He denied an interview with Neil Mitchell)

IMAGES: Violence ensues as the City Square is emptied by police

PLAY: Dramatic protest coverage as 9am deadline passes

PLAY: Seb Costello captures the drama at 11:30am

PLAY: Robert Doyle speaks to 3AW's Neil Mitchell

PLAY: Ross and John cross to Occupy Melbourne spokesman

PLAY: Neil Mitchell tries to have sensible chat with protester

Occupying Melbourne; but why?

Protesters TOM ELLIOTT: "The fact they’ve been allowed to protest for six days and in doing do, make a huge mess of the City Square actually proves that they have little to complain about in modern Australia."

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