Back-watching time for the PM?



PLAY: Peter Van Onselen speaks to Hinch about 'what is next?'

'Kevin Rudd no team player'

unity VIDEO: Simon Crean has taken a swipe at former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, saying one of the reasons he lost the leadership is that he was not a team player. Watch Neil Mitchell's hard-hitting editorial and listen to Simon Crean.


Tony Abbott not 'up for it'?

Tony Abbot doesn't inspire, but does he need to? HINCH BLOG: "At one stage he said 'we're up for it'. I can't honestly remember what they were up for but who cares? He didn't sound like he was up for anything. Could have been reading the phone book." Click on the image on the right for Hinch's analysis of Tony Abbott.


What did the Prime Minister know?

Julia Gillard HINCH BLOG: T"here was a political question raised 40 years ago by an American senator that is totally relevant today when you are discussing Julia Gillard and the Australia Day riot in Canberra. What did the Prime Minister know and when did she know it?"

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