Bad polls don't deter the PM


PLAY: Shepparton mayor on the Gillard Government making no contact with his Shire over migration policy and Neil Mitchell comparing the Gillard Government to the last days of the Kirner state government.


'Playing politics with Lives'

Gillard Ms Gillard has accused Tony Abbott of playing politics with lives by blocking her effort to resurrect the Malaysia deal. The PM added that the Opposition could potentially have blood on their hands.


Greens propose 'low intensity' pokies

Pokies REPLAY: The Greens are proposing a compromise to break the pokie reform deadlock threatening to bring down the Gillard government. Green Senator Richard Di Natale suggests "a low intensity" approach which includes a $20 dollar limit per machine.


3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell

Neil Mitchell Neil is one of Australia’s most experienced journalists with success in newspapers, radio and television. He was one of the youngest editors of a daily metropolitan newspaper, The Herald. Enter Neil's highlights page for videos. replays and news.

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