Flag-flying Aussies are racist?


PLAY: Professor Farida Fozdar believes Australians who fly the flag on their cars are more racist


Louisa West Ferguson I'm not saying it makes you racist but I know a few people that do it and I'd probably call them close minded yobbo types.

Julie Nunnyabusyness Hill thats ridiculous..Me and my seven yr old decorate the car, and I am definately not rascist.

Suzzanne Bongartz Does this mean that if someone from an english ,italian ,greek ,chinese,german or any other background who displays there country of origin flag racist to

Lucy Williams I'm more offended that Australia has someone shallow minded enough to complete such an absurd study! Fly those flags proudly Aussies!

Brian Hill Flying a flag has nothing to do with racism It has everything to do with being proud of Australian way of life

Ree Ball Next celebrating Anzac Day or Rememberance Day will make us racist?

Shaun Moloney When the Chinese celebrate there new year that's fine when the muslims celebrate Ramadan that's fine but when we Australians celebrate Australia day where racists

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