Jim Stynes passes away

LISTEN: 3AW's Audio Tribute to Jim.


Jim's Irish teammate reflects

Jimmy and James Fahy in 1984 In 1984, 2 young Irishmen landed in Melbourne after answering a newspaper advertisement inviting "183cm Plus Gaelic Footballers". One was Jim Stynes, the other was James Fahy, who was kind enough to have a chat to Neil about his old teammate.

Neil Mitchell with Jim Stynes

Jim Stynes VIDEO: Last year a brave Jim Stynes joined Neil Mitchell in the 3AW Studio. Neil later said it was one of the most powerful and emotional interviews he has ever conducted.

Wish my grandma had known Jim

Olivia Newton-John & Jim Stynes DERRYN HINCH: At a time when I was being forced to confront my own mortality I thought that if I could face what lay ahead with a skerrick of that Jim Stynes' strength, passion and continued love of life, then I was half way there.