Koala saved with CPR

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A wildlife rescuer has brought a dead koala back to life using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The koala was hit by a car the night prior but had managed to climb a large tree.

Langwarrin CFA officers and Wildlife Victoria attempted to coax the injured marsupial from his perch during a late-night rescue operation.

The koala 'dropped' from the tree motionless but was caught using a blanket.

When the koala showed no signs of life, a wildlife volunteer sprung into action.

"It was a fantastic outcome," Langwarrin CFA captain Sean Curtin told Ross and John. 

LISTEN: Sean Curtin speaks with Ross and John

If you'd like to donate to the group that is caring for the koala, 'Sir Chompsalot', please visit: www.animaliawildlife.org.au

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