Melbourne braces as Myki takes over


A Melbourne hostel is bracing for an influx of public transport fines as the system moves from Metcard to Myki.

From tomorrow Myki will be the only option with no disposable one-off tickets being sold.

Melbourne accommodation providers say they already receive public transport fines as tourists refuse to buy MYKI cards.

Manager of the Elephant Backpacker Hostel Cara Wileman says visitors shun MYKI cards because they're too expensive and complex.

"They (hostel guests) will ask how the system works and I'll explain that they need to buy a card, they have put money on and they have to actually pay to get the card," she told 3AW News.

"A lot of the time they will actually opt not to purchase it because it's too difficult and they don't have a lot of money because they are travelling,"

"We probably get 3 or 4 (fines) every two days or so" she said.

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