No leadership change, PM says


PLAY: Neil Mitchell discusses the Prime Minister's interview


Back-watching time for the PM?

rudd HINCH BLOG: "No wonder the Gillard camp is jittery. Kevin Rudd just won't go away and a by-election in his seat could mean curtains for the lot of them." What good would leadership change achieve, Hinch asks.


Greens' downfall imminent?

Bob Brown HINCH BLOG: On the surface, The Greens have never been so strong. But as Sally Neighbour points out in today’s issue of The Monthly: The Australian Democrats were powerful with the balance of power in the Senate and now not one of them is left.


'Kevin Rudd no team player'

unity VIDEO: Simon Crean has taken a swipe at former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, saying one of the reasons he lost the leadership is that he was not a team player. Watch Neil Mitchell's hard-hitting editorial and listen to Simon Crean.


AFP won't investigate leak

Tony Hodges has resigned from Julia Gillard's team MONDAY: Neil Mitchell says a senior Labor minister recently told him Julia Gillard 'has got a talent for the stuff-up .. when everything seems to be going well for her she somehow manages to blow it'. More details here.


'Cynical, grubby dodgy politics'

Poker Macvhines HAVE YOUR SAY: The Prime Minister is standing by decision to back away from a deal on poker machine reforms, saying there is no point to parliament engaging in political argy-bargy over the issue. Neil Mitchell came out swinging at the PM this morning. Listen here.

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