Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces a Royal Commission into child sex abuse



Church is where paedophiles are

Child abuseDERRYN HINCH: But the reason, George Pell, why the Catholic Church has been, and still is, under the most concentrated scrutiny is because the Catholic Church is where the paedophile priests are.        

'Put the Church in the witness box'

Cardinal George Pell (FFX)NEIL MITCHELL: The Church needs to be put in the witness box. The community is owed the truth. The followers of the church are owed the truth. Their victims more than anything are owed that little satisfaction.  


Shorten's Church sex abuse fears

Bill ShortenCHURCH ABUSE: Bill Shorten has told Neil Mitchell he feared he could have been a victim of a predatory priest in his youth. Mr Shorten said he had been asked to be an altar boy by his local priest, who turned out to be an abuser.

Nothing shocks me anymore

The front page of Friday's Age: Brothers 'pack raped' boys.DERRYN HINCH: The worst thing about the sickening headlines in the newspapers this morning is that none of it shocks some of us anymore. Nothing that perverted Catholic priests do shock me anymore.        

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