Robert Farquharson's appeal denied

The father who murdered his three boys by deliberately driving his car into a dam has lost his appeal against conviction.

The Court of Appeal has dismissed Robert Farquharson's bid to overturn his conviction on three counts of murder.

Farquarson had been convicted by two Supreme Court juries over the deaths of his three sons who were killed on Fathers Day 2005 when Farquharson deliberately drove them into a dam to get back at his ex wife and then claimed he blacked out during a coughing fit.

The Court of Appeal found it was reasonably open to the jury on the whole of the evidence to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt of Farquharson's guilt.

Farquharson wasn't in court today for the decision, but his ex-wife Cindy Gambino who is still suffering the effects of her loss burst into tears when she realised the result and said, "Thank God it's over."


Brothers Jai , 9, Bailey, 2, and Tyler Farquharson, 7.


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