Streaming 3AW with Mac and iPhone


For people who use Apple Mac computers, here is how to listen and watch 3AW via our website.

All you need is Windows Media Player for Mac and Flip4Mac (for streaming through iTunes) which can play mms streams on Mac platform. We have supported Mac OS since the past two years through our Online Streaming service.

Below are the links for downloading the required softwares. We have a huge number of online listeners who are on Macs and they are all happy with the service. We hope you would be one of them once you download the software.

Download = >


  1.    Download and install both the softwares. (if facing any issues with installation, please contact Apple for installation support)

2.    Open windows media player

3.    Go to file > open url

4.    Copy paste the following url -

5.    Click OK and you will be part of our online listeners family.



You can stream 3AW via iPhone by downloading the official 3AW App.

Head to the Apple App Store and search for 3AW.

Once the app has downloaded open the app, click the play button and you'll be listening the 3AW from whereever you are in the world.


Download and install the 3AW App free from Google Play.

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