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Simon Owens: Profile

Simon was originally employed as a Panel Operator for Bruce and Phil's Nightline, his career at 3AW starting on December 18th 1995.

He has worked on every program in every timeslot on 3AW since then with such success that he is now currently employed as a Panel Operator for Bruce and Phil's Nightline.

He retains the same filing cabinet and phone number he was first given back in 1995.

He is a father of children Shannon, Rachel, Felicity and Ethan and a husband to his wife Chris.

He has has never in his life been mistaken for David Koch

What was your first job?

I worked part time at Mooroolbark Pizza  for $5 per hour whilst attending school in years 11 and 12.   Upon leaving school my first full time job was with the Commonwealth Bank for the Annual Salary of $13,000 per year.  A figure I hope to one day achieve again.

What is your favourite on air moment thus far?

The day Bruce and Phil quit and were replaced by a work experience student Nathan Zwar.  It was brilliant radio and Steve Price sent me out to dinner at the stations expense for thinking of it.

What is your most embarrassing on air moment?

After a great 6 hour Remember When "Mothers day special" - Getting a call on Mothers day on air from my Mum reminding me that I hadn't rung her to wish her a happy mothers day.

If you could interview anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

Groucho Marx, but preferably alive. Interviewing dead people is rarely successful.