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Farmer’s gun licence under review after confronting intruder with unloaded rifle

A farmer who confronted an intruder with an unloaded rifle has found himself the subject of police attention, despite the intruder allegedly being armed with knife.

David Dunstan said he found a man armed with “a seven foot piece of red gum and a knife” attempting to break into his property just north of Albury, about 3.30am last Thursday.

The father-of-three, who has a gun licence, told Neil Mitchell he went to his gun safe and used the weapon as a prop to scare the offender.

“He’d previously been over the hill and broken into another house, threatened them with a knife, then turned up at our house about three hours later,” he said.

The offender was arrested but police returned to Mr Dunstan’s property later that morning and seized his guns.

His firearms licence will now undergo a review.

Mr Dunstan said police told him he is only able to arm himself once the intruder attempts to harm him first.

“We’re just mixed up in Australia,” he said.

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