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Mice plague: Ross had a mouse in the house, and they’re city-bound

Ross and John

Confirmed: Victoria has a mouse plague.

And the mice, already at plague proportions in the state’s west, are headed for Melbourne.

3AW Breakfast prompted a wave of phone calls when the Ross told of his frustration of having to watch Hawthorn lose to Collingwood with one eye also on a mouse darting around his living room.

So they called Peter Taylor from Adams Pest Control to find out if we have a plague.

“We do,” was the simple answer.

“Spring was very conducive to the breeding of mice. The population’s quite large, and because we’re now getting colder weather they’re all coming inside.

“It started in the country and now it’s coming into the city.”

Peter said “cereal packets are the first thing” the critters attack, and suggested “the best and simplest (way to keep mice out), which sounds pretty obvious, is to fix every hole you can possibly see.”

Caller Jane: “What’s wrong with the lot of you – get a cat!”
Ross: I think I’d rather have mice…

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Ross and John