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Half of kids ‘same-sex attracted’?: Neil Mitchell calls out Roz Ward

Figures reportedly espoused by Safe Schools creator, Roz Ward, in The Australian today prompted Neil Mitchell to raise an eyebrow this morning.

Ward apparently said in a public forum up to 50 per cent of young people were likely to be same-sex-attracted.

Councillor Matt Rogers, who specialises in the LGBTI community, told Neil Mitchell he’s never seen that number reported before.

“I’d really like to know what research she’s based that on,” said Mr Rogers.

“The figures that I saw reported in the Safe Schools material were between the 5-10%, this a new thing I’ve heard Roz say.”

Neil Mitchell: This must be why she structured the whole Safe Schools things. And if it operates around figures like that, it explains why it’s been such a problem. I just don’t believe it.

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