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Parole board chief whacks PM, reveals startling communication breakdown

The chairman of the Victorian Adult Parole Board has labelled the Prime Minister “reckless” and revealed what appears to be a major communication breakdown in dealing with people on terror watch lists.

In a rare and extraordinary interview, His Honour Judge Peter Couzens told Neil Mitchell:

  • The parole board was given no information as to whether there were ongoing concerns about Brighton gunman Yacqub Khayre

Neil Mitchell: Do you get information on people being on watch lists?

His Honour: No. Can I assure you that we were not told anything along those lines, either at the time of making the order … nor subsequently.

Neil Mitchell: Should this information be shared with parole boards?

His Honour: Of course it should be.

  • He said the Prime Minister’s calls for violent offenders to not get parole is a “reckless claim”

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