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Rumour confirmed: Ambulance attendants bashed outside Melbourne hospital

The Rumour File

Three thugs have bashed two ambulance attendants outside a Melbourne hospital for refusing to hand over cigarettes.

As first mentioned in The Rumour File, an ambulance attendant for a private patient transport company, was standing outside Dandenong Hospital about 3.30pm yesterday when he was approached by three men.

The men asked for a cigarette, which the attendant refused.

One of the men hit the attendant, a 47-year-old Pakenham man, who fell to the ground and was kicked multiple times.

All three offenders ran from the scene.

The attendant was knocked unconscious and is being treated for non-life threatening injuries, a second attendant received scrapes and bruises in the incident.

Ambulance Employees Association secretary Steve McGhie says it comes despite tougher penalties and a determined campaign against violent attacks.

“They’re out there doing their jobs, they would hope they would be safe, but unfortunately some males thought it was their right to be able to use them as punching bags,” Mr McGhie said.

“It’s just not acceptable.”

Victoria Police are investigating.



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