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‘I ran out of the car to make sure she was ok’: Heroic truck driver speaks following dramatic incident

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A truck driver is being hailed a hero after stopping a serious accident when he spotted a woman having a medical episode on the Calder Freeway this morning.

Driver Dale Byre crossed the lane in front of the women’s car to help her stop, with Victoria Police earlier confirming they attended the incident.

Mr Byre told 3AW Drive how the extraordinary incident unfolded.

“What I saw was the young girl was having a bit of a medical episode while the car was still working.

“I had already dropped my speed, I was able to maneuver around her and very gently (make her car) come to a stop.

“I jumped out of the vehicle, ran out of the car and made sure she was OK.”

He said the person was “unresponsive and out of it” for up to 25 minutes.

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Earlier, caller Brendan told Tony Jones  the truck driver pulled in front of the woman in a car near Calder Park about 9.30am.

“He’s seen a lady slumped over the steering wheel as she was still driving,” he said.

“So he’s gone around her and stopped her from going any further, from having a bad accident.”

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Police say the woman, aged in her 20s, was driving through heavy traffic near the Melton Highway turnoff before the truck driver halted her vehicle.

The woman is believed to have suffered a medical incident while driving and was unconscious when the truck driver came to her aid.

She was still unconscious when the ambulance was called.

She was taken to Sunshine Hospital and is now in a stable condition.

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