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Sly’s message to George Pell ‘sooks’ amid days of ‘errant nonsense’

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“Have you ever read and heard so much errant nonsense in just a week?”

That’s how Sly Of The Underworld summarised much of the commentary following George Pell’s failed appeal against child sex offences.

“We’ve got the conservatives saying it’s a conspiracy of the Left, you’ve got the Lefts saying the conservatives have done this and that.

“Hang on a minute.

“When it went to appeal, all the grounds that the judge erred were thrown out because they all knew Judge Kidd did a really good job.

“So you actually have to prove that the jury was unreasonable — that 12 people taken from the street, all made an unreasonable decision.

“That bar is extremely high, so a judge might look at the evidence and say ‘I might not have convicted, however I can understand someone else coming to the conclusion of guilt’.

“If you want to sook or change something, it is that we’ve allowed — across the board — the uncorroborated testimony of a complainant to be accepted. That did not used to happen.

“So don’t carry on about a conspiracy; look at the law. If you’re not happy with that, deal with that.

Ross: Paedophiles, generally speaking, don’t carry out their offences in the presence of other people, do they? That’s just my rudimentary understanding.

Sly: That’s why the law was changed. But it’s still a legitimate area of debate that if you’re going to have these things beyond reasonable doubt, can you convict on uncorroborated evidence.

Ross: The evidence is uncorroborated. He was, however, cross-examined for a day by Robert Richter.

Sly: And he was extremely impressive.

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