Australian schoolies partying in Bali.

Australian schoolies partying in Bali.

Judge 'guilty' of making runs

Judge achieves remarkable feat on cricket field. RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A County Court judge who played reserve-grade football for Collingwood achieved a remarkable feat on the cricket field at the weekend.

Rude shock: Grandmother snapped sunbaking in G-string

Aerial pics capture grandmother sunbathing topless. DRONE DEBATE: A Mt Martha grandmother is furious after a photo of her topless bathing turned up on a real estate billboard.

Training to be a taxi driver

Pancake parlour challenge WATCH Ross and John go back to school to learn how to become taxi drivers ahead of their Pancake Parlour Challenge.

Mexican themed party deemed racist

Burnso and Ross in Mexican gear. DEBATE: Racist or not? Sydney University cancels theme for party.

Ross and John's ultimate sing-along

What is the greatest sing-along song of all time? What is the greatest sing-along song of them all?

Home chat: It begs the question

Ross and John ROSS AND JOHN: Which is the most asked question in your household?

Injections a thing of the past?

Injection. (Photo: Jessica Shapiro) INJECTIONS: Injections may soon be a thing of the past with Melbourne researchers developing a world-first way of inhaling vaccines.

Hang Ten at Harbour Town

Wave pool at Dockalnds LISTEN A 160-metre floating wave pool could be built at the Docklands under a new plan to attract visitors to the area.

Some 'gems' of Good Food Month

Ela Carte ELA CARTE: Let’s get one thing straight – vegetarians just aren’t going to enjoy this deal at a charming Collingwood pub. Plus, the 'Bar Hop' deal.

Myki scam costs PTV $1.1million

Neil Mitchell says Myki is another fine 'Bastards Incorporated' product. LISTEN: Stolen credit card details have been used to load up fraudulently obtained myki cards, which are then sold on the black market.

The 2014 challenge

2014 Pancake Parlour Challenge CHALLENGE: It's on again. And this year it's a challenge as research...

Cushla's marquee day

Cushla Travels asks Kris Smith what it's like to be WATCH: Food tests? Not this girl. Cushla Travels flirts with handsome celebrities, mocked their jobs and did some slap dancing.

How to make Melbourne better

Melbourne needs more mini-communities in the suburbs, a leading city planner says. OUR CITY: The East-West Link would be a waste of money better spent of building new 'compact communities', according to one the world's leading city planners.

A changing society

Coffee. CHANGING: In many ways, society in Melbourne and Victoria has changed in the past two or three decades. The obvious examples are related to population growth, traffic volume and political correctness, but there are also plenty of day to day mannerisms and habits which are different to the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Suits, spreads and shooters

The Rumour File. TRIO OF RUMOURS: Busy morning on the Rumour File. 3AW Breakfast has tied up rumours about a scruffy AFL coach, a nutty recall and weapon worry.

Don't count on your inheritance

Inheritance. INHERITANCE: Adult kids who are expecting a golden handshake through their mum and dads inheritance are set for a rude awakening, according to a recent wealth sentiment survey.

Teenage pregnancy declining

baby PREGNANCY: For the first time since 1932 women aged 40-44 are having more babies than women aged 15-19 in Australia.

The Block's tick of approval

The Block. THE BLOCK Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Regional Metro Manager Richard Marks has given ‘The Block’ a tick of approval after the show was caught out faking a visit from EPA when they discovered thousands of litres of fuel on the building site.

'A window cleaner's worst nightmare'

Window RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A window cleaner has done a bang-up job, cleaning an entire double-storey property, only to realise he was at the wrong house.

An adventure in pishing

Join Ross and John on a bird-watching adventure in the Botanic Gardens. WATCH: Ross and John turned twitchers for a day as they road test a new birdwatching app.

'It's each man for themselves'

Former Bomber Stewart Crameri. AFL: Western Bulldogs forward Stewart Crameri reportedly hires top criminal lawyer to defend him in the wake of Essendon's supplements saga.

Grouse listeners fix a shouse

Ross and John GROUSE: Kind 3AW listeners help a family keep their beloved pet.

Ela Carte visits Kirk’s wine bar

If there’s anything Ian Curley can do well, it’s European fare and feel, and he hasn’t missed the mark at Kirk’s. ELA CARTE: If there’s anything Ian Curley can do well, it’s European fare and feel, and he hasn’t missed the mark at Kirk’s.

Fears 'it will end in tears'

Housing market LISTEN: The Reserve Bank of Australia is set to tighten the screws on investor lending in a bid to curb galloping property prices.

Kansas ready for zombie apocalypse

Zombie KANSAS: A bizarre government initiative based around zombies will hit the state of Kansas in October.

'No man, where's the Hendrix?'

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds LISTEN: So is Wangaratta a "horrible town", or was Nick Cave just a horrible young lad? According to 3AW listeners, it may be the latter.

Ms Carte meets Mister Jennings

Mister Jennings ELA CARTE: The Estelle remains one of my favourite eateries in Melbourne, so when I heard head chef and part-owner Ryan Flaherty had branched out on his own – it wasn’t going to take long to hunt him down.

Rental rate site to 'tip the balance'

Renter rental for lease RUMOUR CONFIRMED: There's a plan to start a website where rental tenants can dish the dirt on their landlords and real estate agents.

Flushing out fears of loo avoiders

Toilet fear LISTEN: An Australian-first study will look at why some people have a phobia of using a public toilet, a condition that affects four million Britons.

'It's a thing of beauty'

Burnso iphone WATCH: Ross and John check out the new iPhone 6 models, which the first lucky tech heads should already have their hands on after they went on sale this morning.

Melbourne chippie becomes Mr World

Mr World 2014 MELBOURNE: The man crowned Mr World 2014 lives in our fine city, although he's originally from Denmark.

Eddie's birthday surprise spoiled

Eddie McGuire SPOILER: A newspaper article has spoiled a surprise 50th birthday gift that Eddie McGuire's wife was organising for the football personality in lieu of a party.

'Flying Footballer' plays with fracture

heathlead RUMOUR UPDATE: It's been revealed the 'Flying Footballer' made famous by the Rumour File last month has pushed through two football grand finals with a broken arm.

Defeating ISIS by air 'a long shot'

Airstrike ISIS FIGHT: A defence expert has said defeating ISIS solely by air is "a real long shot" because the track record of such attacks is inconclusive.

Home parking spaces for rent

Car Park PARKING: An online marketplace where people can list their home parking spaces for some "extra pocket money" is promoting their service to Melbourne's outer suburbs to ease parking shortages at train stations.

'Don't rely on Dr Google'

Doctor LISTEN: Medical experts are urging parents not to rely on the internet for medical information, as a Victorian study finds a third of families will go to the doctor less if the $7 co-payment is approved.

Salt OK, says new research

US scientists say suger - not salt - is the diet evil. FOOD: Ross and John are the happiest men in Melbourne.

Footy freak wins two fantasy comps

Footy fan RUMOUR FILE: Being a footy geek has paid big dividends for a Boronia man who has won the AFL's two major fantasy football competitions, pocketing a whopping $100,000.

Barley bandits target Brooklyn depot

barley LISTEN: Thieves have stolen 700 tonnes of food grade barley from a Brooklyn transport depot, gradually taking the loot over a number of weeks.

Footballer's damaged passport fail

us flag RUMOUR CONFIRMED: The captain of the St Albans Spurs women's football team was unable to depart for the US with the group due to the state her passport was in.

Bigger, but better?

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus REVIEW: Apple has unveiled its big new iPhone, along with a new smart watch at its latest product launch.

$7.50 across the city

Richshaw-style 'bike cabs' could be in Melbourne soon. LISTEN: Rickshaw-style cycle cabs could soon be scooting around Melbourne.

Parents urged to keep kids from grog

Alcohol LISTEN: Experts are urging parents to keep children away from alcohol with new research suggesting early exposure will increase a child's drinking later in their teens.

Takeaway to feature at Etihad

Pizza RUMOUR CONFIRMED: In 2015 hungry fans will be allowed to bring takeaway food into Etihad stadium.

How should Shaw apologise?

Geoff Shaw backs pay rises, but not the bill LISTEN: Rogue MP Geoff Shaw is set to apologise today for bringing discredit on the Parliament. But how can he make his apology "genuine"?

Not only celebrities at risk

The iCloud is used to store files on Apple devices. EXPLAINED: Ross and John find themselves asking, "What is an iCloud?"

Smoking 'ok' inside?

Smoking RUMOUR FILE: A workplace expert has said that smoking inside a workplace can be legal, as long as occupational health and safety requirements are not breached.

ASADA trial 'nearly completed'

hirdasada LISTEN: Sly of the Underworld says Justice John Middleton is on the cusp of handing down his verdict in the Essendon and ASADA court case.

Stamps launched as gardens close

Australia Post today launched Open Gardens Australia stamps. RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Australia Post has launched brand new Open Gardens Australia stamps on the same day it was announced the organisation would be closing down.

Opinion divided on Swan photo

Dane Swan poses with Toby Mitchell (photo: Instagram) AFL: Collingwood footballer Dane Swan has come under fire for posing in a photo with prominent underworld figure Toby Mitchell at a restaurant on Tuesday.

Round 'excludes Aussie kids'

kidsfooty RUMOUR UPDATE: The AFL has changed the rules of its Multicultural Cup after complaints the program excluded kids with Australian-born parents.

Footballer leads teams to victory

heathlead RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A Melbourne footballer has had a whirlwind weekend playing two games of football in one day, in two different cities, for two different codes.

Rumour File goes global

WATCH: Amazing footage of a koala's life being saved with CPR. RUMOUR FILE: 3AW Breakfast's Rumour File has gone around the world.

Government department letter bungle

Marieke Hardy believes writing letters is timeless. RUMOUR CONFIRMED: It is believed a government department shared personal details with strangers in a mailing bungle.

MFB bogged on the job

MFB RUMOUR CONFIRMED: The MFB has confirmed two fire trucks and an ambulance needed rescuing after becoming bogged while on the job at Croydon South on Sunday morning.

Weight loss pills come with catch

obesity OBESITY PILLS: Two drugs used in combination to treat obesity could become available as one treatment in Australia.

Ross and John ask: since when...?

Melburnians love to go out for breakfast LISTEN: From pronunciation to eating habits to fashion trends, plenty of things are causing the 3AW Breakfast team and their listeners to ask "since when...?"

Former MP revealed as spy

spy LISTEN: A former Labor MP has been identified as a Russian spy.

Swan St booms in tough times

Richmond’s Swan Street is holding its own, in what is a tough time for Melbourne’s retail strip precincts. SWAN ST: Richmond’s Swan Street is holding its own, in what is a tough time for Melbourne’s retail strip precincts.

Concerns as kids struggle to write

writing NAPLAN: The head of NAPLAN has admitted a sharp drop in test scores may be because teachers weren't given warning on what was in the test.

ACCC targets online love scammers

Computer, lap top LISTEN: Online ‘relationship scammers’ cost the Australians $25 million last year.

MythBusters join Ross and John

myth WATCH: Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters join Ross and John.

China loving taste for Aussie milk

The Chinese have developed a taste for Australian milk. LISTEN: The Chinese have developed a taste for Australian milk with newly relaxed testing requirements making it possible for Australian dairy farmers to capitalise on Asia's fast-growing middle class.

Two Birds Brewery and Tasting Room

Two birds brewery REVIEW: It’s been exciting and interesting watching the West's food scene shift; Yarraville Village slowly transformed into a hub of trendy cafes, then followed Seddon and Spotswood.

JB Hi-Fi sales fall explained

JB Hi-Fi sales fall in July. LISTEN: Tech guru Trevor Long explains JB Hi-Fi’s latest fall in sales.

Singing sex symbol creating heat

rheem heart LISTEN: The man whose singing is making Melbourne women delirious insists it’s his voice that’s the sex symbol, not him.

Mmm, it's McPie time

Meat Pie RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Victorians could soon get their footy pies from fast food giant McDonald's.

Footy team stripped of final win

Epping under 15s stripped of trophy RUMOUR CONFIRMED: An under-15s grand final winning team was stripped of its trophy because a player was found to be ineligible to take the field in the big match.

IVF police checks an 'over-kill'

IVF LISTEN: Victoria is the only place in the world that you need a police check before beginning IVF treatment but a Monash IVF specialist says the thorough checks are “overkill”.

The most definitive Melbourne song

ACDC 30 years since the making of 'Long Way to the Top' in Swanston Street. MELBOURNE: Ross and John put a call out to listeners hoping to find the official Melbourne tune.

Off-duty police nab Darwin bandit

darwin RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A group of off-duty cops have hunted down and arrested a thief while holidaying in Darwin.

Ela's Glasgow food highlights

photo-4LEAD ELA CARTE: Ela's Glasgow food highlights.

Concerns over spread of Ebola virus

virus LISTEN: The US Peace Corps is set to pull volunteers from West Africa due to growing concerns over the spread of the deadly Ebola epidemic.

Vinnies receives generous package

package RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Mystery surrounds a bag of goods donated to a Melbourne op shop which contained a distinctive package valued at more than $30,000.

Bags of Rock join 3AW Breakfast

bagofrock WATCH: Gregor (G-man), Alan (Deathface), Logan, Steven and Jonny from Bags of Rock join Ross and John in Glasgow.

Pedestrians urged to unplug in CBD

Pedestrians urged to unplug. LISTEN: Pedestrians are being urged to take extra care when listening to music and speaking on their mobile phone in busy areas.

Is this Myer's most loyal employee?

sue RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Most people wouldn’t last 10 years in a job, let alone a decade times four and more.

Piggery Cafe at Burnham Beeches

salmon-rilette REVIEW: I love going on little drives, exploring new areas, driving around unfamiliar roads and experiencing everything thing that this wonderful state has to offer.

Tassie turfed from uniforms

Comm Games Swim LISTEN: Hobart's mayor says Tasmania’s exclusion from the map of Australia on our Commonwealth Games uniforms is a 'double whammy insult'.

Expert debunks paracetamol report

pills LISTEN:One of Melbourne’s leading back surgeons has dismissed a report paracetamol is ineffective against back pain.

Big Apple: iPhone screens go large

Phubbing is a growing trend in society. LATEST: iPhone screens look set to become much bigger as soon as this year.

Retired couple take on graffiti

graff LISTEN: A retired Yarra Ranges couple are using technology to locate and remove graffiti in their private battle against street artists.

Taking ribs seriously: Ike's Rack

Ribs. REVIEW: Tregan Borg rolls up her sleeves and gets her hands dirty at Carlton restaurant that takes its American food very seriously.

Ela enjoys Big Huey’s Diner

nachosLEAD ELA CARTE: Let’s be honest, I’m using it as an excuse, but it’s the Fourth of July and I think it warrants taking advantage of the explosion of American eateries that have hit Melbourne.

Defibrillators for dummies

Darren and Peter and Ewan Defib VIDEO: Two recent close calls have highlighted the importance of having defibrillators at sporting events and in workplaces.

Ela Carte tastes Kong BBQ

eggplantLEAD ELA CARTE: Needless to say expectations were high when the man behind Chin Chin and Baby announced he’d be opening a Korean/Japanese fusion BBQ restaurant in Richmond.

Win tickets to The Lion King

Win tickets to The Lion King There is simply nothing else like it. Seen by over 70 million people Disney’s landmark musical event The Lion King comes to Melbourne February 2015. For your chance to win tickets to see The Lion King at the Regent Theatre, listen to Ross and John for your cue to call.

What happens after Cloke misses a mark?

What can happen when Travis Cloke misses a mark? WATCH: Who would have thought the flow on effect from a missed mark by Collingwood’s Travis Cloke would result in this?

PHOTOS: Ross and John in Noumea

Ross and John have packed their bags and skipped the country for warmer climes. VIDEO: Ross and John packed their bags and skipped the country for warmer climes last week.

Beachside Brekky: Watch Burnso stack!

Stand-up paddle boarding: Harder than it looks! VIDEO: So Ross and John decided to partake in what the news bulletins would call "flocking to a bayside beach".