Students in years three and five have recorded the biggest drop in writing in this year's test.

Students in years three and five have recorded the biggest drop in writing in this year's test.

MFB bogged on the job

MFB RUMOUR CONFIRMED: The MFB has confirmed two fire trucks and an ambulance needed rescuing after becoming bogged while on the job at Croydon South on Sunday morning.

Weight loss pills come with catch

obesity OBESITY PILLS: Two drugs used in combination to treat obesity could become available as one treatment in Australia.

Former MP revealed as spy

spy LISTEN: A former Labor MP has been identified as a Russian spy.

Swan St booms in tough times

Richmond’s Swan Street is holding its own, in what is a tough time for Melbourne’s retail strip precincts. SWAN ST: Richmond’s Swan Street is holding its own, in what is a tough time for Melbourne’s retail strip precincts.

Concerns as kids struggle to write

writing NAPLAN: The head of NAPLAN has admitted a sharp drop in test scores may be because teachers weren't given warning on what was in the test.

ACCC targets online love scammers

Computer, lap top LISTEN: Online ‘relationship scammers’ cost the Australians $25 million last year.

MythBusters join Ross and John

myth WATCH: Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters join Ross and John.

China loving taste for Aussie milk

The Chinese have developed a taste for Australian milk. LISTEN: The Chinese have developed a taste for Australian milk with newly relaxed testing requirements making it possible for Australian dairy farmers to capitalise on Asia's fast-growing middle class.

Two Birds Brewery and Tasting Room

Two birds brewery REVIEW: It’s been exciting and interesting watching the West's food scene shift; Yarraville Village slowly transformed into a hub of trendy cafes, then followed Seddon and Spotswood.

JB Hi-Fi sales fall explained

JB Hi-Fi sales fall in July. LISTEN: Tech guru Trevor Long explains JB Hi-Fi’s latest fall in sales.

Singing sex symbol creating heat

rheem heart LISTEN: The man whose singing is making Melbourne women delirious insists it’s his voice that’s the sex symbol, not him.

Mmm, it's McPie time

Meat Pie RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Victorians could soon get their footy pies from fast food giant McDonald's.

Footy team stripped of final win

Epping under 15s stripped of trophy RUMOUR CONFIRMED: An under-15s grand final winning team was stripped of its trophy because a player was found to be ineligible to take the field in the big match.

IVF police checks an 'over-kill'

IVF LISTEN: Victoria is the only place in the world that you need a police check before beginning IVF treatment but a Monash IVF specialist says the thorough checks are “overkill”.

The most definitive Melbourne song

ACDC 30 years since the making of 'Long Way to the Top' in Swanston Street. MELBOURNE: Ross and John put a call out to listeners hoping to find the official Melbourne tune.

Off-duty police nab Darwin bandit

darwin RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A group of off-duty cops have hunted down and arrested a thief while holidaying in Darwin.

Ela's Glasgow food highlights

photo-4LEAD ELA CARTE: Ela's Glasgow food highlights.

Concerns over spread of Ebola virus

virus LISTEN: The US Peace Corps is set to pull volunteers from West Africa due to growing concerns over the spread of the deadly Ebola epidemic.

Vinnies receives generous package

package RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Mystery surrounds a bag of goods donated to a Melbourne op shop which contained a distinctive package valued at more than $30,000.

Bags of Rock join 3AW Breakfast

bagofrock WATCH: Gregor (G-man), Alan (Deathface), Logan, Steven and Jonny from Bags of Rock join Ross and John in Glasgow.

Pedestrians urged to unplug in CBD

Pedestrians urged to unplug. LISTEN: Pedestrians are being urged to take extra care when listening to music and speaking on their mobile phone in busy areas.

Is this Myer's most loyal employee?

sue RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Most people wouldn’t last 10 years in a job, let alone a decade times four and more.

Piggery Cafe at Burnham Beeches

salmon-rilette REVIEW: I love going on little drives, exploring new areas, driving around unfamiliar roads and experiencing everything thing that this wonderful state has to offer.

Tassie turfed from uniforms

Comm Games Swim LISTEN: Hobart's mayor says Tasmania’s exclusion from the map of Australia on our Commonwealth Games uniforms is a 'double whammy insult'.

Expert debunks paracetamol report

pills LISTEN:One of Melbourne’s leading back surgeons has dismissed a report paracetamol is ineffective against back pain.

Big Apple: iPhone screens go large

Phubbing is a growing trend in society. LATEST: iPhone screens look set to become much bigger as soon as this year.

Retired couple take on graffiti

graff LISTEN: A retired Yarra Ranges couple are using technology to locate and remove graffiti in their private battle against street artists.

Taking ribs seriously: Ike's Rack

Ribs. REVIEW: Tregan Borg rolls up her sleeves and gets her hands dirty at Carlton restaurant that takes its American food very seriously.

Ela enjoys Big Huey’s Diner

nachosLEAD ELA CARTE: Let’s be honest, I’m using it as an excuse, but it’s the Fourth of July and I think it warrants taking advantage of the explosion of American eateries that have hit Melbourne.

Defibrillators for dummies

Darren and Peter and Ewan Defib VIDEO: Two recent close calls have highlighted the importance of having defibrillators at sporting events and in workplaces.

Ela Carte tastes Kong BBQ

eggplantLEAD ELA CARTE: Needless to say expectations were high when the man behind Chin Chin and Baby announced he’d be opening a Korean/Japanese fusion BBQ restaurant in Richmond.

Food van: A glimpse of hunger

vinnies WATCH: 3AW Breakfast spent a night with the Vinnies food vans, getting a glimpse of what it means to be homeless and hungry.

E-cigarettes under fire

e-cigarettes e-cigs LISTEN: A team of Australian health experts is leading an international campaign against e-cigarettes.

Ela travels to Luxembourg

Luxembourg ELA CARTE: I quite like that it’s not about outlandish décor or pierced and tattooed staff here. This is an elegant space, with large but affordable menu and a wine list along the same lines.

Dodgy dosh forged in hotel room

Money RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A man has been charged after counterfeit $50 notes were made and used at a Croydon hotel.

Revealed: Our Games uniform

WATCH: Now THIS is a Commonwealth Games uniform!

Natural moisturisers 'a concern'

goat WARNING: Allergy specialists are warning people with skin conditions such as eczema not to use moisturisers with food based proteins.

Vixens charm Ross and John

Ross and John netball VIDEO: Ross and John are pretty excited about their trip to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games, so they're trying to make sure they know who the great Aussie hopes are.

Crash landing for night skydiver

Night skydive RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A man has been injured after a group of parachutists jumped out of a plane in the dark in Melbourne's south east on Friday.

Catering for Chile v Australia

cakes-1LEAD ELA CARTE: Getting up on Saturday morning to watch the big match? Why not hedge your bets, barrack for Australia, but eat for Chile – or from Chile anyway.

Man rides off with $4000 bike

bike RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A man has been duped of his $4000 bike after what he thought was a potential buyer, rode off during a test ride, never to be seen again.

Novel way to cart a fridge

Fridge in car RUMOUR CONFIRMED: If you need to move a fridge but don't have a ute or a truck, use the next best thing: a convertible with the top down.

Swan mingles with the underworld

Collingwood footballer Dane Swan is the geust speaker at a function at Gatto Nero restaurant in Coburg. Mick Gatto and other alleged underworld figures attended the event. 10th June 2014 VIDEO: The AFL is demanding to know why Collingwood star Dane Swan attended a fundraising dinner attended by underworld figures, including Mick Gatto.

Drugs and cash found in hire car

ice RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Cleaning staff got more than they bargained for after they discovered more than $800,000 worth of drug ice and wads of cash in the boot of a hire car at Melbourne Airport.

'People are basically corrupt'

Bribe generic LISTEN: John Burns felt compelled to get something off his chest on 3AW Breakfast. It had been teetering on his conscience for years.

TV presenter taken home in divvy van

watkins RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A well-known television presenter has been taken home in a divvy van after being caught driving a car that hasn’t been registered in two years.

Speed sign confusing drivers

speed_limitLEAD LISTEN: A new red light and speed camera at Chadstone has been described as a "cash cow", with 41,500 drivers detected during its 21-day test.

Teen arrested over Bayswater fires

fire RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A teen has been arrested after a series of fires at a number of vacant homes at Bayswater.

Ross meets a Glasgow swimmer

MSAC WATCH: Ross takes a trip to MSAC ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow to see how the Australian team's preparations are coming along.

Disguised doc steals numbing drug

Surgeon generic RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A thief has pulled off a dramatic propofol heist at an East Melbourne hospital.

Ela enjoys the Roast Collection

Quail ELA CARTE: It’s that time of year again, and yet another week that I have stuffed myself silly with roast dinners purely to pump up the opportunities available to you as part of the 2014 Roast Collection presented by the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Milking it: protein label battle

Dairy cow WORD GAMES:The Australian dairy industry is embarking on a tricky new marketing campaign in a bid to combat the success of A2 brand milk from New Zealand.

'The experimentation is over'

Gillon McLachlan WATCH: AFL Chief Gillon McLachlan has marked his first day in charge with a promise to change the maligned fixture next season.

Salacious shows coming our way?

My Granny the Escort PETE FORD: A TV show that follows mature-aged prostitutes has debuted in England, 3AW entertainment reporter Pete Ford told Ross and John.

Squatters bathing in Fitzroy Pool

rumour file
abbottsford CONFIRMED: Police have told local residents that there is nothing they can do to about a group of campervans that have commandeered a cul-de-sac in Melbourne's inner north.

'Shut them. Shut them': Sly

Sly Of The Underworld on 3AW Breakfast WATCH: Sly tells Ross and John why he supports many aspects of Ken Lay's 'Blue Paper' report released yesterday.

Fines queen a court no-show

Court (FFX) RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A serial toll evader whose record number of unpaid fines totalling almost $300,000 has failed to appear at court, triggering a warrant for her arrest.

Rolf Harris trial: Cambridge video 'bombshell'

Courtroom video showed Rolf Harris where he said he wasn't. (Photo: Reuters) LONDON: It's being called a bombshell in the case against Rolf Harris, but Ross and John aren't so sure...

Betty's boomerang book

Betty book RUMOUR CONFIRMED: An elderly woman has been reunited with her favourite childhood book, 66 years after she believed it was lost.

No knocks for new boob job perk

Health fund NIB had its first overseas cosmetic surgery patient return from a successful boob job in Thailand. RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Health fund NIB had its first overseas cosmetic surgery patient return from a successful boob job in Thailand.

Union demands day off for pet deaths

One of the country's largest mining companies Rio Tinto is accusing unions of putting jobs at risk by making extravagant demands, which include a day off for the death of a pet. LISTEN: One of the country's largest mining companies Rio Tinto is accusing unions of putting jobs at risk by making extravagant demands including taking a day off when a pet dies.

Police called after Cloke missed mark

What can happen when Travis Cloke misses a mark? WATCH: Who would have thought the flow on effect from a missed mark by Collingwood’s Travis Cloke would result in this?

Melburnians win $15 million lotto draw

Oz lotto RUMOUR FILE: Melburnians share $15 million lotto haul, and Medicare tells customers they can no longer claim certain items due to cuts in the Federal Budget.

New modern deadly sins

Ross, John and 3AW Breakfast listeners make their own additions to the Vatican's list of modern deadly sins. LISTEN: Diving in soccer, neck tattoos and milking high free kicks should be considered by the Vatican as additions to the list of modern deadly sins, according to 3AW’s Ross and John and their listeners.

"Recklessly brave" Rogerson charged

Police are continuing their search for disgraced former Sydney detective Roger Rogerson. LISTEN: Disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson has been charged with the murder of Sydney student Jamie Gao.

Mild weather nips into retail sales

Spring.Thursday LISTEN: The unseasonably warm weather is creating headaches for major retailers unable to shift their winter stock.

'He's the cutest thing of all time'

Frosty the Snow Goat VIDEO: The cutest kid in town made a special visit to 3AW Breakfast on Thursday, and made a wheelie good impression.

Victorian man with 'probable polio'

hospital POLIO: A Victorian man has been placed in isolation at the Austin Hospital after suffering a polio-like illness.

How safe is it to travel to Thailand?

Bangkok LISTEN: Australians heading to Thailand are being encouraged to "exercise caution" after the country's army chief imposed martial law.

Ambulance access denied by council

Ambulance RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A local football club has slammed a lazy council after it was forced to tear down gates to its ground to allow an ambulance access to an injured player at the weekend.

Ela tiptoes to Tippler & Co

Tippler and Co REVIEW: This is one of those places that I keep recommending people try, have thoroughly enjoyed myself and then didn’t think to mention on the program. But I should.

VicRoads recalls offensive plates

plates RUMOUR CONFIRMED: VicRoads has stopped a series of offensive number plates after complaints they were politically incorrect.

Australian in coma after Bali hit-run

Nicholas White is in a coma after a hit and run in Bali. RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A Melbourne man is in a coma in Bali after a hit-and-run accident four days ago.

CBD smoking ban 'inevitable'

Smoking in the CBD SMOKING BAN: There's a push to ban smoking in Melbourne - and a councillor says it's inevitable.

Reality check: Boom or bust?

So who's right? REAL ESTATE: Is the property market up or down? Both - but there's some things that don't change.

Metro ditches on-the-spot cash fines

metro LISTEN: Metro has scrapped its plans to collect on-the-spot cash fines after concerns its ticket inspectors would be targeted.

Cop recruit to the rescue

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Police dog bites man LATEST: A police recruit helped revive a man involved in a crash on the Eastern Freeway last night.

Council battle turns house to rubble

bulldozed house RUMOUR CONFIRMED: The Mornington Peninsula council has knocked over a house today after the owner built the converted bungalow without planning permission.

Women wanted in trade work

trade LISTEN: The search is on for girls in years 10 to 12 in Melbourne's north keen to take up a trade.

Ransom rockets to victory

Rocket Of Ransom didn't let us down - and at healthy odds! VICTORY: Now the Rumour File's picking winners at the track, as well!

Melbourne woman to be world's first

Stephanie Grentell is set to become the world's first female thoroughbred auctioneer. RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A Melbourne woman is this week set to be the first female thoroughbred auctioneer in the world.

Men charged over insider trading

The joint operation involved the Australia Federal Police, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Customs and Border Protection. POLICE: 'Google stalking' led to two businessmen being charged for insider trading, says the key whistleblower.

Miss Katies Crab Shack

seafood REVIEW: When you pull up to The Public Bar in North Melbourne and find a grungy looking pub, don’t keep driving - you are at the right place.

'Please crash our wedding'

The couple believed to be offering a unique invite to their own wedding. RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A Melbourne couple is hunting for gatecrashers for their own wedding.

Nixon videos rate 'hot' footballers

Ricky Nixon. <i>(Photo: Penny Stephens)</i> RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Disgraced AFL player agent Ricky Nixon is attempting to ingratiate himself with Melbourne's top private schools via a series of videos, including a weekly segment rating the "hottest" schoolboy footballers.

Tradie takes to wheel of ambulance

Ambulance RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A Melbourne tradesman has taken to the wheel of an ambulance and rushed a man to hospital while paramedics saved him in the back of the vehicle.

'A little taste of Italy'

seafood-pasta375 ELA CARTE: No matter how confident you are that you think you know how long it would take to get from Melbourne to Italy, you are probably wrong.

Melbourne restaurant makes top 50

Ben Shewry LISTEN: Melbourne is the only Australian city with a top 50 restaurant, according to a prestigious world rating.

Gap year to lure school graduates

graduates LISTEN: The Abbott government is reintroducing defence gap years in a bid to lure more school leavers into joining the Defence Force.

Clippers owner banned for life

sterling LISTEN: The NBA has taken major action against Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, banning him for life after his leaked racist comments caused international backlash.

Peaches 'died of heroin overdose'

Peaches, 25, was found dead at her home in Kent. (The Mirror) LISTEN: The Times of London newspaper is reporting Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose in a tragic parallel of the death of her mother.

Good times at Le Bon Ton

Ela Carte La Bon Ton ELA CARTE: Well, it’s officially one of the cuisines of the moment – all over town we’re seeing smoky ribs, and pulled pork – all sorts of meaty wonders from America’s deep south.

Lollipop lady's near-miss at crossing

lollipop RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A lollipop lady has been involved in a near-miss just weeks after a woman was hit at the same school crossing at Healesville.

Kylie Minogue denies lip-syncing claims

Kylie Minogue at the 56th Logies Awards 2014 at Crown. LISTEN: Kylie Minogue’s management has slammed suggestions she was lip-syncing during last night's hotly anticipated Logies performance.

Plans to freshen up the Vic Market

Victoria Market VIDEO: Traders have welcomed the release of redevelopment plans, which include basement car parks, a public plaza and extended trading hours.

What happens after Cloke misses a mark?

What can happen when Travis Cloke misses a mark? WATCH: Who would have thought the flow on effect from a missed mark by Collingwood’s Travis Cloke would result in this?

PHOTOS: Ross and John in Noumea

Ross and John have packed their bags and skipped the country for warmer climes. VIDEO: Ross and John packed their bags and skipped the country for warmer climes last week.

Beachside Brekky: Watch Burnso stack!

Stand-up paddle boarding: Harder than it looks! VIDEO: So Ross and John decided to partake in what the news bulletins would call "flocking to a bayside beach".