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Neil Mitchell

Monday - Friday / 8:30am - Midday

Neil Mitchell’s 3AW Morning program has dominated the airwaves and set Melbourne’s news agenda for over twenty years.

He is a member of the Melbourne Press Club’s Hall of Fame and one of the country’s leading journalists, having worked as a reporter and executive at The Age, an editor of The Herald, and at all three commercial television networks.

His sharp ear for the mood of his audience and his history of fighting for the battler have won him the highest journalistic awards and an AO.

But every weekday morning it’s a team effort..

The 3AW Mornings audience are Neil’s roving reporters, regularly calling in with breaking news and important tip-offs.

Sometimes they call to help interview the Prime Minister. Sometimes they call for a laugh or a cry. Sometimes they just want to let Neil know he’s wrong.

But it’s always about what Melbourne’s talking about.

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Tonight on the TV news you will see Daniel Andrews and various ministers wearing hard hats and hi-vis vests telling you how the world has changed because of new stations opening at Carnegie and Murrumbeena. The trains are running, and that’s great. But don’t be conned, Neil Mitchell says. “This is not all joy and […]

/ 1 hour ago

Professor Jordan Peterson hasn’t been in public life for long, but now he’s made it in a big way. A clinical psychologist from Canada, he burst onto the scene with a YouTube video arguing against legislation that could force people to use made-up pronounces for transgender people. Eighteen months later, he has become something of […]

/ 09/03/2018

The “share economy”. It’s almost the buzzword of the decade. We’ve seen businesses like AirBNB, Uber and Airtasker take off. So Neil Mitchell’s Ideas Factory is today exploring what could be the next frontier: Car share. The City of Melbourne certainly hopes so. Neil Mitchell was playing tourist in the city last weekend and was […]

/ 03/05/2018

Riddells Creek Hotel 10-12 Hamilton St., Riddells Creek 5428 6777 Score: 13.5/20 June 2, 2018 VENUE: 1st Review. Comfortable, neat, happy pub at the foot of the Macedon Ranges, the Riddells Creek exudes service and comfort on arrival with a heavy dose of pub hospitality. Owned and operated by sisters, the Riddells Creek Hotel, […]

/ 15/06/2018
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Click PLAY above for full interview, her first in the 3AW studio with Neil Mitchell. Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam has spruiked the virtues of multi-party governments in response to questions about forming a coalition with the Labor party. The party has new muscle after winning the seat of Northcote from the ALP in Saturday’s by-election. […]

/ 16:04