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Listen to the full show podcast of Nights with Mark Levy, in for Mark Levy, for Monday October 23.

2 hours ago / 40:18

Carolyn Parrella from Terri Scheer Landlord and Building insurance joins Steve Price to take an informed look at tips and traps for property investors.

4 hours ago / 10:37

Century 21 Chairman Charles Tarbey joins Mark Levy to talk the latest in the property market.

4 hours ago / 10:13

Shayne Higson, Vice-president of Dying with Dignity NSW joins Mark Levy for her perspective on the latest in Victorian state moves to legalise euthanasia.

4 hours ago / 06:56

Andrew Bolt and Mark Levy, in for Steve Price, discuss the day’s politics.

5 hours ago / 44:32

Listen to the full show podcast

6 hours ago / 09:38

Jonathan Chancellor from gives the latest in real estate

6 hours ago / 04:09

One of the worlds oldest retailers is opening in Australia.  Ross Greenwood speaks to Graham Dean the Managing Director of Debenhams Australia about the new retailer.

6 hours ago / 07:27

Senator John Williams talks to Ross about his campaign to increase fines for corporate and financial crime

6 hours ago / 05:07
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