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“10/10 times” | Liberty Victoria president explains level of female fear

in studio with neil mitchell

The President of Liberty Victoria says most men “don’t realise” just how fearful women are for their safety each day.

Jessie Taylor told Neil Mitchell about the “micro calculations” women go through all day, every day, to ensure they remained safe in public spaces.

“For example, if you’re a bloke and it’s 9pm on a weeknight and you get off the train at a suburban station and you’re walking behind a woman who is behind herself – 10/10 times she will be on her guard,” Ms Taylor said.

“She’ll probably have her keys in her fingers and is trying to work out whether you’re going to attack her.

“There is an opportunity there for men to say – ‘OK, I’m probably causing this woman some distress, shall I just stop and play with my phone for a minute so she can get some distance, should I cross the road, shall I turn the other way?’

“Will men take responsibility for the role they have in causing anxiety and fear in women?”

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Ms Taylor then spoke about a “barney” she’d had with her own mother about the issue.

Jessie Taylor: “She had the view that a woman walking through a public space with headphones in at any time is bananas and being neglectful of her own safety. I think a woman should be entitled to listen to music or podcast or whatever it is…”

Neil Mitchell: “Of course she should. But is it realistic?”

Jessie Taylor: “If somebody is set on raping and murdering you … is the lack of headphones going to impact that? And if they’re looking for a target, somebody to harm, and you’re not that person because of what you’ve done … then somebody else is going to be that person.”

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in studio with neil mitchell