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$100 blood test could see couples avoid expensive IVF treatment

A new blood test could see women avoiding expensive IVF treatment which is destined to fail.

As reported in the Herald Sun, Dr Tracey Edgell, scientist at Monash University, told Ross and John the blood test could assist in predicting whether a woman’s cycle is suitable for in vitro fertilisation.

“The blood test will tell them whether a particular individual cycle will work, whether to go ahead, if the embryo will transfer in that cycle,” Dr Edgell said.

“It tests the receptiveness of her endometrium to implant an embryo.”

“So you keep the embryo and don’t do the transfer if the blood test results are no good,” Ross said.

“That’s correct,” she said.

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“It’s not commercial use yet, we’ve already run it on 250 women, but it costs around $100,” Dr Edgell added.

An initial IVF treatment in Australia can cost close to $10k.