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24-hour hell: All-night trains are keeping Northcote’s Harry Blutstein awake

A Northcote resident says his life has been made hell thanks to Melbourne’s new 24-hour trains.

The all-night trains have been widely praised by passengers since starting last weekend.

But Harry Blutstein can’t get any sleep. 

He supports the 24-hour trains, but says they don’t have to make so much noise.

‘I believe the horns are overused,’ he told Tony Jones on 3AW Mornings.

‘I support 24-hour trains, but my argument is the noise is unreasonable and the government hasn’t really thought through the proposal.

‘At 2-3am there’s not much traffic – in fact there’s none – so do you really need to sound a loud horn five times as you’re going through a crossing?’

Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan says noise complaints will be considered when the trial is evaluated.

But she said the horns can’t be stopped.

‘There are really important safety reasons (for the horns).’