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’36 Canberras’: The radical solution being proposed to solve Melbourne’s impending congestion crisis

A radical plan to build multiple new cities across regional Australia is being proposed as a solution to urban congestion.

High-speed rail would link the cities up and down the East coast to accommodate a projected population increase of 15 million by 2060.

It comes as Infrastructure Australia released a four year audit into the country’s transport, road and service needs declaring that suburban sprawl is set to continue.

Chairman of Consolidated Land and Rail Australia Nick Cleary said no one should be surprised by the grim outlook.

“What we think we do is have a change into how we do productive planning in the future,” he said.

“Our plan is to build new cities in regional Australia connected to major centres like Melbourne by high speed rail.

“The population projections show that between now and 2060 we’ll need 36 Canberras to accommodate the population growth.”

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