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3AW Afternoon’s check out Melbourne’s newest hotel ‘Notel’

Melbourne’s newest hotel, is far from a hotel at all, hence it’s name – Notel.

Comprised of six glimmering air stream silver bullet caravans (lovingly imported and restored), set among cacti, and a background of quintessential desert pink, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d landed in Palm Springs and not the top of a rather unassuming carpark block on Flinders Lane.

There’s no concierge, no room service, no keys (there’s an app for that instead) or even an obvious entrance, it’s utterly ‘underground’ above ground; Melbournians and tourists alike are going to LOVE this place.

I did mention the lack of room service, which is more than made up for the fact you are positioned minutes from the foodie delights on offer up and down Flinders Lane.

Take your pick from Cumulus, Coda, Chin Chin, or even a restaurant not starting with a ‘C’.

If you’d rather not venture out, (and to be honest these tin cans were super cosy) each shiny metal enveloped suite containing the most insane complimentary mini bar stacked with two Shiki beers, two Paul Louis Champagnes, as well as a huge assortment of chips, biscuits and chocolates, the vans also house an iPad Pro with complimentary Netflix, and the all important free city parking below.

After you’ve eaten your way through the complimentary mini bar, gorged on Netflix and unwound in the fabulous neon and pastel ensuite… you’ll have no trouble being lulled off to sleep by the urban sounds of Flinders Street, on one of the comfiest beds this side of the Arizona desert.

Notel is the kind of place you just can’t say no to!