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3AW Breakfast lists things adults aged 25+ should be banned from doing

The Rumour File was told last week adults are being turned away from Melbourne’s new Legoland Discovery Centre.

Turns out it’s true.

The Age today confirmed that unless accompanied by a child, adults are not allowed into Chadstone’s new Discovery Centre. Management has said the attraction is designed for children aged between 3-10. 

3AW Breakfast compiled a list of what else people aged 25 and over should be banned from doing.

These included:

– Wearing cut-off jeans 

– Wearing a hat backwards

– Referring to your children as your best friend

– Skateboarding

– Holding banners at the AFL

– Shots of alcohol

– Light-up sneakers

– Dreadlocks

– Riding BMX bikes

– Nipple rings

– Footy jumpers

Some adults will not be happy. 

Click PLAY below to hear more suggestions from listeners.