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3AW Breakfast live from Eureka Skydeck for Kane Petersen’s skyhigh walk

A high-wire daredevil has done it, precariously walking 300 metres above Melbourne’s CBD.

The views were spectacular and the nerves were brewing for the record-breaking attempt for the highest tightrope walk in Australia.

Ross and John were live from the Eureka Skydeck for Kane Petersen’s incredible skyhigh stunt.

It only lasted for a couple of minutes, but everyone on the rooftop cheered and applauded when he made it across.

Ross provided the commentary for the walk.

Kane told the boys after the walk the biggest challenges are fear and focus.

VIDEO: As it happened, the skyhigh stunt

He said his wife gave birth to their son two weeks ago, who’s yet to be named.

Ross suggested Eureka or Phillipe, after the famous Philippe Petit who did a tightrope walk across the World Trade Centre in 1974.

What’s next for the stuntsman? 

‘This is one of the top of the tops,’ he said.

‘I’m always looking out for the next big thing.’

Eureka Skydeck manager John Forman earlier told the boys Kane’s ‘going for it’.

‘His biggest high-wire act has been 60 metres, whereas this is 300 metres,’ he said.

3AW Breakfast is testing out The Walk Experience a special green screen that gives you the illusion you’re crossing a tightrope high over Melbourne.