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3AW Breakfast’s Good Guy of the Week: CFA firey’s brave effort in Lancefield fire

A grateful husband says a CFA volunteer saved his wife’s life at the height of the Lancefield fire yesterday.

Ian told 3AW Breakfast his wife got into trouble driving home and panicked as the bushfire raged.

‘I’ve got the ultimate grouse,’ he said during Grouse or Shouse.

‘My wife yesterday was travelling home from work in Kyneton to Springfield, she got caught in the fire front in Lancefield right near where that house burnt down.’

Volunteer fire fighter Colin Consiglio stopped to come to her aid and said she was in the thick of the fire front.

‘I got permission from the CFA incident controller to go through and get our truck, and luckily came upon this poor lady in her car,’ he said.

He drove her back to the safety of the Springfield CFA station, but his kindness didn’t stop there.

Colin loaned her his ute so she could go home to pick up the dogs.

Later when Ian returned to his wife’s car, it had melted down one side.

Brave Colin is 3AW Breakfast’s Good Guy of The Week, receiving a $500 voucher for his efforts.

Audio: Volunteer fire fighter rewarded for his brave efforts