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3AW Breakfast’s John ‘Burnso’ Burns has a horse named after him!

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A horse racing on Friday evening in Melbourne’s south east is named after a 3AW Breakfast favourite.

The horse ‘Judge Burns’ is in fact named after the one and only, 3AW Breakfast’s? John ‘Burnso’ Burns.

Trainer Ken Keys spoke with 3AW Breakfast to confirm the rumour, ‘The one and only!’ 

Ken says, ‘My wifes keen on him!’… The horse that is. 

Justin and Kate interrupted Burnso’s holiday to tell him the exciting news, ‘I don’t know why he named it after me! Has the horse got three legs and a pot belly or something?’ says Burnso.

‘Judge Burns’ is racing in Race 2 at Cranbourne on Friday evening.

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