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3AW callers fuming over Bolte Bridge works

Neil Mitchell’s ‘commuter panel’ has reported back on day one of the Bolte Bridge works.

It takes Ceasar 40 minutes (on a good run) to travel into the city each day from Point Cook.

He described the traffic on day one of the works as ‘woeful’ and said it took him 30 minutes just to get onto the freeway.  

Toula has been travelling over the West Gate bridge each day for 23 years.

The commute from Altona North to Hawthorn will take 35 minutes on a good run.

She told Neil the delays weren’t ‘as bad’ as she expected and though there was congestion on top of the bridge, she was only 10 minutes behind so far. 

Tom travels from Point Cook to Hawthorn each day taking anywhere from 40 minutes up to 90 minutes. He said it had taken him 75 minutes to travel 27 kilometres, adding 10 minutes to his commute time so far.

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Ross Barker, pilot in the Channel 9 chopper who was over the west, told Neil the traffic was ‘shot’ all the way back to Hoppers Crossing after just the emergency lane being closed off. 

‘It’s as parked as far as we can see back to Hoppers Crossing,’ he said.

Caller Carol described traffic as ‘bulldust’, saying it had taken 90 minutes for her to travel from Werribee to Altona.

‘I have spent an hour and a half from Werribee into Altona,’ she fumed. ‘I’ve got 20 kilometres to go and I’ve been in the car for over two hours!’

Fired-up Carol doesn’t hold back on Bolte Works