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3AW Drive host Tom Elliott calls for compulsory testing of elderly drivers

3AW Drive host Tom Elliott says it’s time for elderly drivers to undergo compulsory tests to keep their licence.

He said too many preventable accidents where being caused by drivers aged 75 or older.

It follows the tragic death of a 43-year-old man at St Leonard’s College on Tuesday, killed after a car crashed through the school’s fence.

The driver was understood to be a grandmother going to pick up her grandchildren.

‘It’s time we did something about this,’ Tom Elliott said.

‘There’s been far too many incidents over the past several months of elderly drivers losing control of their cars and hurting or killing themselves, or other people.’

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But VicRoads doesn’t seem to agree.

Robyn Seymour, Director of Vehicle and Road Use Policy, said the current policy – which relies on voluntarily testing – worked fine.

‘There’s no compelling evidence that mandatory aged-based assessment is any more effective than self or community based referrals,’ she said.

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